Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An open letter to the Mayor of Baytown

Mr. Mayor, after hurricane Ike, I drove over by the tax office on Baker road to get  MRE's and ice.

Mayor Steve Don Carlos of Baytown, Texas
Some government agency was there at early, along with some constables when I arrived. Nothing was being dispensed and there was a long line of cars waiting.  They would not give anything until 10am and I watched all the workers in nice new blue uniforms standing around the trailers talking. 

Their van had a flat tire and I watched six of them try to change the tire without success.  Around 0900 something, I left, totally disgusted after a cop demanded I get back in my car.  I just wanted to ask questions.

Promise us Baytonians, if something like this happens in Baytown again, you will jump down the throat of these people to get your citizens aide.


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Anonymous said...

I will do my best, Bert. Ike involved several jurisdictions “competing” to set up PODs. The one you refer to , as I recall, was set up by the County; there was mass confusion over where it was going to locate and as to who was to staff it. We at the COB were given very little say in where these PODs went, hours of operation, etc. We relayed our frustration to anyone who would listen, as our citizens would respond to rumors of locations and hours of operation, only to line up and find there was not a POD open. We have worked with the County and FEMA to create a clear line of authority, locations, supply, and hours of operation for future PODs; I hope we never have to use them, but suspect we will. SDC.

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