Monday, June 16, 2014

Single Houston Dating site now online!
Now that summer is here it's time to get out and meet new people. But what do you do if you work a lot of hours or have children that keep you tied up all day? Many people are looking online for that special someone and now people around Houston have their very own site: is only for people around Houston that want to meet other local singles. Unlike most dating sites Single Houston limits their members to a 75 mile radius of the city. That way your mail box isn't getting bombarded with messages from people from Boston or Tampa who you really won't be able to meet up with and connect. With this feature dating men or women around town just got a lot easier.

June is the perfect time to meet someone and an Astros game is always a great idea for a first date. So what are you waiting for? Someone around Houston is looking for someone like you.

This post is sponsored by our newest partner, Single Houston. 

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