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Give me a break!

 I am a news junkie.  There I said it.  I am positive I am not alone in my addiction and my compulsion is jading me against humanity.  I jump from the Drudge Report to Google News ten times a day unless I am at the gym, hiking in the woods, or geocaching.  I have to get away from “the news” to clear my head.

I can’t get mental escape in my Jeep driving anywhere within 30 miles of Houston or Baytown, as I want to survive the experience.  Navigating the congested traffic, aggressive drivers, distracted motorists, and the many inexperienced drivers is akin to watching the news as far as stress is concerned.

Now, thanks to a group of lemming idiots controlling what we get to see and read, I am going to be forced to watch Bruce Jenner go “all freaky” for the next (insert some long amount of time here).  It’s bad enough to watch yet another arch-villainous group try to take over the world (Mongols, Nazi’s, Commies, Al Qaeda – the list stretches back, back, back, like Charles Barkley pushing his way toward the basket).

Does anyone honestly believe that we are going to have a say over who runs for the next President of the United States?  Really (I think I see a hand being raised in the back of the room)?

On one side we have a government who is out to circumvent the bulk of the Constitution, giving the greatest share of our blessings to people who aren’t even citizens and came into this country illegally, while on the other, a second group who are going to supposedly fix it.  To be perfectly frank, I think there is only one group.  The Democrats bashed GWB ad nauseum, then continued to do the same thing his administration did AND spend even more money that we don’t have.

The Presidents approval rating is falling like a blind roofer and what does he and his bride do to lift it?  You got it.  They spent an estimated 2.5 million dollars so Michelle and girls could ski in Aspen like the rest of us folks and he could play 3 days of golf at an exclusive resort in California.  Oh, that must be Fox News reporting that, right?  No, it was our British friends who reported this extravagance.

Why can the elite in government take giant vacations fairly often and those of us who earn 6 figures can’t?  Easy.  They are totally subsidized by… us!  Oh wait a second!  When the Republicans get in charge, all of this will come to a halt!  Don’t wager on it.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

You know, it didn’t take me long in retirement to figure out that our government has a plan to strip you of every cent you earned to get here.  We are taught that easy street was where you went after years of saving and toiling and you will be home free.  Sorry, just like the notion that our government is by the people and for the people, it is an illusion.  The government is a cancer that has grown to the point that it IS the body and it feeds off of the rest that is left, namely us.  Feed me, Seymour!

We are bombarded with bad news, beheadings, mass stripping of our rights for the purpose of protecting us, dangerous robberies, extreme weather, shootings, rioting, and terror to the point that we accept being herded like cattle.  Now we learn the Jews are fleeing Europe, like rodents leaving a sinking ship.  The way the news presents it, the militant ISIS is swarming everywhere like locusts and the approaching cloud is just about unstoppable.

As I’ve said before, I am sick of it.  I am weary of hearing that the answer is to send troops to the Middle East to train troops to stand up and fight.  My God, how many times does this have to fail in my lifetime before we realize it won’t work this time?  How many times do we have to send Chuck Norris or Rambo over there?  Where the heck is George Patton?   

The only viable answer to this radical religious killing movement is for the non-radical Muslims to squash it.  Everyone else step back and let them deep-six the blood thirsty misguided murderers.  Otherwise, you are going to see the militarization of vigilantes and they won’t be discriminate.  You will have self-appointed terrorist-killers loose on the world’s streets killing anyone they think is a radical.  Germany is already headed this way and we all know Germany’s history.

I’ll continue to keep one eye glued on the news, but find my real pleasure in Spin class, or pushing and pulling weights at the gym named after the clock.  I find the endorphin release is my antidote for all the bad news.  For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been deep in the East Texas woods with others, racking up 12-14 mile hikes and I have another one Saturday.  Out there my only concern is a big feral hog and that is something tangible I am prepared to deal with.


Anonymous said…
Joseph Holtz: You're just about there Bert. Read Free Republic, a few conspiracy theorists, start connecting the dots...and "WHAM-O", we're screwed! If it wasn't for faith in our God, our founding documents and about 3% of the population of this great land, I'd be on Xanax, in the corner drooling on myself! Keep up the fight Mr. Marshall.
Anonymous said…
Angela Marshall Like you I am also an avid news watcher. I have world news updates sent to my phone. Regarding Obama, he said our taxes wouldn't go up, yet he let the tax cuts expire. Says he cares about children yet encourages the most abortions. In 2008 said he supports traditional marriage, now supports same sex marriage. In 2009 complained about raising debt ceiling, now is fighting to not only increase it, but eliminate it all together. Complained about Bush's spending in 2008, by 2012 he has spent more than all presidents combined. He is a shady Man. Should I go on?
Steve Liles said…
I just decided to work another 10 years. My mother at 82 watches CNN 24/7. If you ask to change the channel she holds that remote with white knuckles. I guess for some the station in your vehicle and TV is set to give you the worst things and then throw in a good feeling like a cherry on top of float (dog rescue) to cap of the latest breaking horror. Keep up the spinning, by years end none of this will matter. You should know this. - Steve
Anonymous said…
Dandy Don Cunningham‎: ·

Bert, my paper didn't get here before I had to leave for work. I just read your column. It was very good, as it always is, brother. I sure appreciate your sharing with us weekly.
It can get depressing, reading the news. We need to feed our minds with positive things which are encouraging and that we can possibly do something about. A lot of the news channels have become a form of entertainment, instead of information. Thank you for trying to make it better. Have a great weekend.
Unlike ·
. . . . . said…
I was asked if my remarks referring to Jews as rodents had a back-handed insult and this is my clarification:

"Even a rat knows when to leave a sinking ship". But I said rodent, because I did not want to insult the Jews. The point is, they feel like it is a hopeless cause with no recourse but to flee and being intelligent as they usually are, it should be obvious to everyone that Obama is supporting Islam over the Jews.

I believe the Jews are God's chosen people and through Jesus Christ we are offered a door to salvation. I cannot and will not tolerate a religion that believes killing everyone who doesn't believe like they do, whether it is the Catholic Inquisition or radical Islam.
Anonymous said…
Sandi White: Thank you. I love it when someone cuts through the B.S. and calls it what it is.

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