Friday, November 20, 2015

Eschew violence, embrace peace, but keep your powder dry

I live in peace; a relative peace that is. I do not violate the law; well, I speed now and again, so in some ways I do not 100% follow the letter of law, but pretty much I do. I pay taxes, I stay in my own lane, I stop at stop signs and I do not have a police record. In fact I just completed the Baytown Citizen’s Police Academy and didn’t bore everyone with the details by writing about something my friend Natalie Whatley covered in detail.
Graduate class of the Baytown Citizens Police Academy. November 2015
I took my first karate lesson in 1972 and have never been in a “fist fight” since. I have been in many conflicts since, but I outsmarted my adversary by making myself to be a poor choice of a target and this is or should be the true aim of every martial artist. Now, as a senior citizen, I realize I am not as fast as I once was and have taken steps to legally carry a firearm.

I eschew violence and embrace peace, but am not ignorant, stupid, blind, or have this ridiculous idea that mankind is inherently good. When I see a person dressed as a clown, who looks like a clown, acts like a clown, is portraying what I believe to be a clown – I call them a clown and make no apology.

When the newspapers, Drudge Report, Google News and other news outlets continually warn me about extremist groups operating under the umbrella of religion, it is very difficult for me to separate myself from those who practice this dogma and claim it is a religion of peace. The reason I feel this way is the peaceful faction is totally quiet.  To me quiet equates to complicity. Why the news programs are not overran with stories of open condemnation of ISIS by American Muslims is confusing.

If any reasonably intelligent person cannot see that Europe is being invaded by Muslims so they can take over those countries, you are frankly deceived, ignorant, or plainly stupid. European tolerance has been used against them. Now, they are in panic mode.  The Islamic plan is one of conquest and it has nothing to do with serving God, as Christians understand God.

I have another observation and this one is not peaceful. This country was founded on rebellion and this country will not sit idly by and let this kind of terrorism go unnoticed and undefended.  It will swing violently against people who practice this false dogma and be a literal blood bath. Many innocent people, including women and children will suffer a horrible fate due to the constant edict of intolerance from the leaders who embrace spreading this religion.

Party girl suicide bomber
Hasna Ait Boulahcen
The Internet is chock full of YouTube recordings of Imams calling for the killing of infidels and I am not talking about the Middle East. I am talking about here in our country. The incredible influx of “refugees” entering Europe has swamped their resources.  Now, in desperation, they are admitting these people are migrating and 90% are men between the ages of 18 to 25.

The FBI currently is watching 900 Muslim extremists on our own soil.  900! This is 2 or 3 battalions of troops if they were assembled. How many more are secreted here in cells, we have no idea. How many RPG rockets would it take to be fired at one of our chemical plants before we realized we are at war?

Please, if you have your head in the sand, which I do not believe you do, recognize that it will happen here. If you want to be politically correct, that is fine. It is your right to believe what you want, but don’t ask me to bring my assault rifle to your house to protect you when everything goes south in your world. I’ll be busy defending my own home.

I am reminded of the Denver couple who was vehemently against guns and moved to Los Angeles. The first week the wife was mugged. Two weeks later they came home and all their possessions were gone. Two months later they were both carrying firearms.  It suddenly became real and all their lofty ideals of tolerance and world peace went out the same window as their possessions.

What happened in Paris can and will happen here; it’s simply a matter of time. We need to slam shut new immigration into this country right now. We need to aggressively examine those who are in this country illegally and round up any and all until we find a solution to this problem. Anything else is just a form of amnesty to crime. Viewing illegal’s as anything other than criminals has got us in this fix. If you have entered this country illegally, you ARE a criminal and I don’t care how many kids you have spawned after you got here.

You may not be a law-breaker in many ways and you may work hard and contribute to the American way of life, but face it – you broke the laws of the land to get here and you have stayed. I am all for letting people with Green Cards remain in this country. I am for it 100%, but everyone here illegally needs to come forward and I think most real Americans feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

Dandy Don Cunningham‎

Excellent column in The Baytown Sun this morning, Bert. I agree 100%! Tell it!

Anonymous said...

Brian Compton: Awesome!!!

I'll just leave this here as a reminder of what "moderate" islam looks like

Anonymous said...

Allyce Lankford: I'm in 100% agreement with your article today! Hope you don't mind but I shared on my mom's page so she could read this.

Anonymous said...

Deb Hearn: Bert - You have put into words many of my own thoughts. Wonderful article.

Anonymous said...

BAM: I feel this same way.

David Clark said...

I agree with others, excellent article, you put my very feelings in to words!

Gordon Little said...

I fully agree. As I told you before, I have no issues with legal, proper immigration to this country of those who are wishing to assimilate and become productive members of our society. I DO have issues with illegal immigration, abuse of entitlements, and now the welcoming of thousands of people whom we have NO way of confirming their intent on coming here, NO way of confirming their past records and criminal history, and NO way of knowing for sure if they are coming here to legitimately escape harm, or coming here to spread the violence and death throughout our country and turn it into the war torn terror filled world that they have created and lived in for thousands of years.

You are correct, the violence is coming... The difference is going to be if we stand idly by and allow it, or wake up and prepare ourselves for what is coming.

Anonymous said...

kester coleman

Bert I totally agree with you. What happen in Paris has already happen here,remember the "Twin Towers" It's beginning to look like I'm in a foreign country--Doctors, Convenient stores and Hotels and Motels.

Steve McDaniel said...

Bert you took the words right out of my mouth

Anonymous said...

CB: Excellent!

Anonymous said...

You do good work Mr. Bert!


Anonymous said...

Dogman: You do good work Mr. Bert!

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