Friday, March 25, 2016

There’s Always A Bad Guy, Isn’t There?

Is it me, or is there always a bad guy out there waiting to get us? I was just a kid when I learned that there were ‘bad guys” besides the boogey man under my bed at night. The threat was “Krauts” and “Nips” and they were very real to my brothers and I as we daily sought them out in mortal combat. We didn’t bother with North Koreans, as no one really talked about those guys.

My brother and the neighborhood kids fought these WWII aggressors each and every day as they tried to infiltrate our neighborhoods and because my family moved quite often, I never found out if all this practice did them any good in Vietnam. I know it helped me to be a better “soldier” and that became apparent in boot camp on the obstacle course when others struggled, I excelled.

Then came the Commies and they were the perfect bad guy and in a way, I kind of miss them. At one time there were over 40 Communist countries and now there are just 5 – Laos, North Korea, Cuba, China, and Vietnam. The red scare was so real, people were building bomb shelters and we kids did drills at school to escape the future nuclear fallout. It was a very serious and real threat and no one made jokes about it.

Race Relations, assassinations, Vietnam, hurricanes, Arctic blasts, drug cartels, Ebola, Zika, Hepatitis, AIDS, Hillary, Global warming, criminals, radical Islam, shingles… Lord have mercy. Now it’s Donald Trump rolling across American politics like he’s the devil himself.

To a lot of us the current “bad guy” is not The Donald, its the US Government. Isn’t that sad? Many of us do not trust our government and suspect they are self-serving carpetbaggers on both sides of the fence. On top of that, some believe they are on the same side of the fence and all the voters are on the other side – the losing side. It does seem odd that whoever is in office, nothing changes.

One local curmudgeon thinks Hillary Clinton and John Kasich are "a great fair and civil race to the finish" and when I read that, I felt like giving Jack Kevorkian’s successor a call for his benefit. The man is clearly in need of an intervention. If either of these two politicians are elected, the rape of America will continue.

Both Parties blame the other, and then either continues the same policies, or declares they will change them… at a later date. They angrily posture, and then go eat lunch together and laugh at our expense. How is it even possible that the President of the United States can’t even clear up whether he is an American Citizen, when if I owe the IRS $50 and won’t pay, they simply garnish my wages?

How is it that giant accounting companies and investment bankers can scam billions of dollars off of investors and get away with it for years?  How can this country be overran with people illegally entering the country and yet the very people who point this out are labeled as racist? How can a top government official fail miserably at their job for years and not get fired? Worse yet, how is it possible they get reelected?

Why do we have Primaries, if a Party talking head can openly brag that the voters don’t pick the candidate – they do? If they can’t control a popular candidate, I guess they simply say they are not the right person and put someone else up on the ticket. “You stupid people don’t understand politics, so we will do your thinking for you!” The quote is my own, so don’t bother Googling it and yes, you can quote me.

Boogie men! Bad guys and gals abound and while some live outside the law and are obviously criminals, others write the laws and then violate them with impunity. Both are criminal parasites living off the working man and woman. They are akin to the charlatan preacher who does not practice what they preach and keep many small fires burning to distract their congregation from their own larger transgression.

In other words, the very people we elect to represent us, often do the opposite. I’m not sure where it starts, but by the time they finally arrive, they are no longer representing anything other than big government. So why is it a surprise that Donald Trump is shaking up this dynasty? He’s not being bribed or beholden to any big oil or pharmaceutical company, let alone the thousands of powerful lobbyists.

If elected, he won’t be beholden to place every million dollar contributor’s representative in office below him – like has been done by both parties for years. He’s upsetting the system in a way our country has never experienced! He’s already made it clear that he will appoint the brightest, smartest, and best people to these positions to get the country back on track.

Donald Trump is not just a threat to the GOP. He’s a threat to the entire system of “business as usual”, which is keeping the fat cats fat and we the people scared of bad guys. In the next few months expect world leaders (who are double dipping your tax dollars) to come out screaming. Both parties will spend your hard earned money to try and discredit Trump.

Make sure you understand why they are demonizing him as the ultimate bad guy.


Anonymous said...

JG: John Graham Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.

Anonymous said...

John Graham: You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Anonymous said...

Ed Wisenbaler: Excellent article. You nailed it.

It can only happen while shopping!

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