Friday, October 07, 2016

The New Stupid World Order

Is it just me or does it once again appear that the whole world is sinking into a state of chaos? From the simplest of tasks, like following the rules of the road to people dressing up like clowns and chasing people, the world has plainly gone nuts.

Just last week, within 3 days of each other I had  3 occasions where a car approached at a higher rate of speed than the neighborhood speed limit of 30mph, by coming over into my lane because their lane was blocked with cars – not mine. Common rules of the road dictate they wait as I pass, but no, they can’t wait. Their ignorance of the law and their impatience and entitlement would not let them. Not to mention, I perceived them to be idiotic and rude and that my friend is a dangerous combination.

A week or two before that, the same thing happened and I would not give up my lane. They were forced to slow down and were barely able to slip by my left side without a head-on collision. My speed was about 10mph and theirs was closer to 40mph, before they braked almost to a stop. My reaction was because it was happening with more frequency and my lifted Jeep would have climbed up and over the top of their racy little import sedan.

Prior to this, it was a rare occasion – just like clown sightings.

Now we have a couple of copycats, who are falling into the imbecilic and rude category and they showed up in Jenkins Park. Are people so stupid that they think something like wearing clown clothes and masks and chasing people is a good idea? I’m afraid that if I encounter one, I will hold them close to the ground with my foot on the side of their head until the cops arrive, fire ants and all.

I can see the headlines that would flash across the Internet:  “240 pound muscled, indoor cycling instructor, Vietnam Veteran, black belt man-handles Halloween-costumed unarmed teen boy in public park.  Charges being reviewed by a grand jury.”  Oh, you think that couldn’t happen in our new stupid world order?

We have people right here in this town that would go ballistic and want me lynched. “How dare someone discourage anyone from dressing like a clown in public?” they would cry. They would use social media because they consider themselves “progressives”. Geeze does this mean common sense should be ignored? Almost every cherished idea is under attack it seems. I am all for progress, it just has to come slowly, so we can feel out the repercussions and make reversals. Remember dropping the drinking age from 21 to 18?

In a society that requires law and order, we are turning into the Wild West, where anything we can get away with is the new rule. A society that takes more than it gives is doomed. I’ve said it so many times, but it needs repeating. When people put their agendas ahead of everyone and everything around them, there is going to be chaos. Speak up and “how dare you?” is screamed in your face.

I watched a goodly number of videos where marchers have attempted to block roads with their numbers and the drivers feel threatened enough to run people over. The crowd now screams foul and literally tries to kill the drivers. What? I’d drive over them too if I felt threatened. Heckfire, as far back as I can remember I knew better than to walk out on the road. Are they really that stupid? You walk in front of a moving car and you get what you deserve.

There are people posting videos of them driving around blowing train horns to scare people. Guess what? It is so loud it isn’t funny to anyone but the morons doing it. The so-called prank videos are the same.  They are not pranks by any stretch and hitting a stranger in the back with a ball bat is not a joke, it’s an attack. People racing through red lights so they don’t have to stop are not anything more than dangerous drivers breaking the law. They kill other people when it goes wrong and all you have to do to see an example is drive in Baytown.

It’s the stupid new world order of give it to me, its mine. I walk into the gym almost every day and as I do, I pick up energy drink cans and protein bar wrappers in the parking lot and put them in the trash can at the door. I shake my head every single time I do it too. The other day, someone threw a weighted rubber ball against the wall of the Group X room and caved in the sheet rock. They bugged out and didn’t say a word and I found it when I came in for Spin class. I guess they thought it would bounce back? More head shaking.

Sometimes I feel like a three-eyed man in the land of the blind, but I would wager that many of you reading this see it the same as I do. It’s enough to make you lose faith in mankind.


Anonymous said...

MIM: On the money ....again.

Anonymous said...

BAM: The more "automated" we become. the less reliant we are upon self envisioned and actualized ingenuity.

Anonymous said...

Hillco: BB, Your column was right on this morning . I have had the same experiences for several years.

The corner of Richardson and Ivy Lee/ Lacy is almost always lined with cars and trucks. It is not a particularly good intersection anyway since people coming from Alexander have to navigate a curve to their left to get on Ivy Lee, And, there is a entrance to Bay Plaza right there also, Anyway, it is a mess and sooner or later someone will wipe out some of the 6 to 8 vehicles parked curbside.

I realize curb side parking is now the norm for Baytown. Not sure what driveways and garages are for. Anyway, just as is done when shrubs etc planted by home owners are required to be trimmed so as not to present a traffic hazard, so should curb side parking at some intersections. There may be something in the code that disallows parking within X ft. of the intersection. That doesn't matter anyway because it would never be enforced.

I don't have to navigate Craig street to Sterling anymore. But, several duplexes were built where it enters the parking lot. All of last year, the residents saw fit to park their vehicles IN the East bound traffic lane. You simply had ONE WAY with ONE !2 FT WIDE LANE for all the cars entering and leaving the school. No way anyone could get by with that in most towns.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that people are too lazy to pick up their energy drink cans and protein bar wrappers when they are there to exercise. Crazy world...Deb

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
I just wanted to say “AMEN” to your news article. What a great article!!!
Thank you
Angela Schmadl

Anonymous said...

James Connealy: Read your post in the Baytown Sun this morning. Couldn't agree with you more, we have a generation of people that feel entitled to make you wait while they go first. I spend a lot of time on 290 and Hwy 6, rudeness and total disregard for others is rampant.

It can only happen while shopping!

As the big man is my witness, every word of this is unquestionable and void of hyperbolic incredibility. With that taken into consid...