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All the craziness going on these days

When crazy becomes the norm, what can now be considered crazy?
I know it's not just me who sees the craziness going on all around Baytown, Texas, the USA, and the world. Maybe it's always been this way and possibly because of the Internet, we are more aware. Wait, did I just claim we are more aware? Scratch that immediately. We have more information available and for those of us that actually ponder such things, what is happening is universal stupidity, outright criminal or righteous ignorance. People no longer take time to analyze what comes out of their mouth, or so it appears. Even our newly elected commander is guilty.

For instance, during the past election, I heard numerous people say, "I don't discuss politics with my friends." Now this statement is curious, because it implies they only discuss politics with enemies, or strangers. When I pointed this out to them, they stubbornly stuck to that nonsense in a self-righteous defense strategy that honestly did not hold water.

Back on crazy behavior, does it not appear that a whole bunch of Third World countries are living in the old gunslinger days of the wild west? You have North Korea swinging fists in every direction because they have so many natural resources that the rest of the world desires? No, they have nothing anyone wants. They have a maniacal despot for a ruler who is bat-dip nuts. I figure their only friend China will step in and tell the little man to stifle himself.

We have crooked politicians like outspoken two-time former congressman from Houston Steve Stockman, who allegedly headed a complex criminal conspiracy. Boy, nothing has changed over thousands of years of civilization it seems. Our country has people dressing up in clown outfits and creeping around terrorizing citizens and don't even think you can go to Walmart without a camera, or you will miss something bizarre and socially ridiculous. Wait, did I just write socially ridiculous?  Scratch that immediately.

We have organized crime here in Baytown which differs very little from larger cities. They wait and watch and pounce, stealing everything from lowboy trailers to baby formula and justify it as Robin Hood stealing from the rich selling to the poor for personal profit. Talk about low overhead!

Ask anyone you know if they actually stop before taking a right on a red light and they will truly believe they do, but all evidence points to the opposite. Here's another conundrum for us to consider and maybe someone has an answer. How can a couple leave two infant sons in their truck in a parking lot and go into a store for forty minutes?

In all the years I've been driving, I've never once jumped the curb and ran over shrubs and small trees or rolled my vehicle, but evidence is everywhere that it is a common occurrence. I actually wonder what they tell their insurance company. Wait, did I just imply they were insured? Scratch that immediately.

I am just about at the point where I am going to wear racing gloves, Nomex coveralls, and a helmet before I venture out on the streets of Baytown and Houston. A retired Baytown police officer recently remarked on my forum that people beep at him all the time when he is the first car in line when the light turns green. The reason is he can't be sure a car won't come flying through the intersection and plow into him, like the texting driver in West Texas who killed 13 people the other day, including a jewel of our community, Mildred Rosamond.

I realize everyone in the world isn't crazy or distracted, but their numbers are climbing. People still tailgate at 70 miles per hour and swap lanes in maneuvers only NASCAR drivers have mastered and I guess only a rude awakening will help them realize not only how dangerous this is, but how inconsiderate and just plain rude. Wait, did I suggest a measure of consideration? Scratch that immediately.

Another aberrant felonious occupation has developed in recent years where criminally minded armed people rob small financially insignificant stores. You never know anymore if you will be a victim when you and the fam are eating a sub sandwich. One idiot robber only got what was in the tip jar. Talk about low expectations!

A friend of mine blatantly explained to me that this armed robbery method of making money is societies fault, because the guy or gal is a convicted felon and can't get work. I was speechless and muttered, "Are you serious?" He was. I told him the reason they couldn't get a job is because they chose criminal activity over working a legitimate job. Wait, did I say work? Scratch that immediately.



Anonymous said…
Jim McDonnel: Good one Bert.
Anonymous said…
Ruthie Rodriguez Ames: ... and it's only April! So much more to look forward to. Wait. Did I say look forward?!
Anonymous said…
DDC: Another excellent column in The Baytown Sun this morning, Bert. I agree with you. It's almost as if nothing surprises or shocks you anymore. My word, people! It's like you said, there are still fine people in this world, but they are being fast overtaken by those who are just the opposite. I don't want to over-simplify, Bert, but now more than ever, people need Jesus. I pray that the day will come when folks will seek Him. Lord, let it be so, and let me help in any way I can. Thank you, Bert.
Anonymous said…
Wade H: Wade Hickman I would comment, but I can't stop scratching. lol! Great stuff my friend. You should be the paper or something.
Anonymous said…
Wait, Scratch that immediately. Very fun read. Sadly, so true.....Debi
Anonymous said…
Tammie Harvey-Jones: We see soo much crazy driving and rude behavior each day that it makes us not want to get out, but there doesn't seem to be a place that isn't full of crazies now :( I pray for our little people.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Jerry Little: Sure think a lot of you Bro Bert.
Anonymous said…
Susan McGuyer: I know there's a lot of bad, but there's also lots of good too, if you look for it: The long haired bead wearing pierced young man who not only held the outer door open for my husband and me, but then rushed to open the inner door as well, the men who pulled my husband out of his flooded car last week and pulled his vehicle onto their parking lot and then drove him home. The lady's at my church who are providing items not covered by food stamps to people in need and feeding people every Wednesday night at Curt's kitchen on Pruett ( the old Grace Methodist.) Love Inc's coat drive every year. My church (Cedar Bayou Grace Meth) also has a blue jean drive every fall so students in need can have new jeans. I could go on and on.
Anonymous said…
Lisa McTee: Love it!
Weldon H. said…
Another very pointed discourse that is squarely in the bullseye, Bert.
Wonderful read.
I wish these words weren't so true, but I know they are.
I still like to help people who obviously need help (change a flat, hold a door, etc), but some of them are so rude after you have offered your helping hand that it makes you wish to be able to turn time back a few minutes and stifle yourself from the urge to help.
But then, there is always that one lady or gentleman who is truly appreciative of the efforts so I keep trying.
And you keep trying, too, Bert.
I appreciate you.

Anonymous said…
Sometimes your articles leave me speechless and thoughtless ? Don't know what to say or think. You hit it right on the nose and I wonder how things seem to have gotten out of control.
Wait, did I just imply that "things seem to have gotten out of control", scratch that immediately! Thanks for your time and work Mr. Bert.

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