Thursday, October 18, 2018

Voting 101 makes it easy

In my simplistic blue-collar mind, I continually ponder one thought when it comes to the division in the 2 political parties that run our government. How can they walk together unless they agree? I think at one time the chasm wasn’t so clearly defined, but I do believe I can sum up which party you, the reader should vote for. Of course I am not going to tell you how to vote, but I would like to ask a couple of questions and based on the assumption that anyone who challenges us to define what we believe is our friend, it should make the decision easier.

So, seeing that almost no one trusts the media to tell the truth, let’s just look at this voting thing in a logical manner. Forget who you have traditionally voted for for a moment and let’s look at the bigger picture.

Are you for expanding government, adding more financial assistance programs (excluding affordable health care which we all found out wasn’t affordable at all), paying more and more taxes, restricting or removing the right to own a gun, free education that is funded by your tax dollars, opening the borders and letting non-citizens not only vote, but give them tax payer subsidies, and letting your 15 year old daughter get a free abortion without your knowledge or consent at tax payers expense… then vote for your favorite Democrat. Just remember, if you work and pay taxes, they are going to take more and more to pay for all those wonderful social programs that sadly, you do not qualify for.

They truly have a utopian vision where everyone gets everything from the elected government officials. On top of that, the more power you give the government over your daily affairs, especially subsidies, the more you are enslaved. They hold the purse strings and it has to come from somewhere. When a country reaches the place where the majority is nursing the government’s purse, the country collapses, because there are not enough workers to keep the zippered bag full.

Now, let’s say you do not want the government in your pocket any more than it already is. You work and pay taxes. You obey the laws. You attempt to live in harmony, but as libertarians (citizens who trust the Constitution and don’t want the government in their life unless there is anarchy, a serious weather event, or a plague). You want your Republican politician to tighten the borders, vet immigration, leave the 2nd Amendment alone, promote education on the sanctity of life, close the loop holes in zealous government sponsored assistance programs that drain your tax dollars, pay less taxes, identify voters as US citizens… then vote Republican.

The Democrats love raising taxes, shrinking our military, opening the borders, offering sanction to people who sneak into the country, and draining the government coffers so they can enslave people. They have encouraged an army of misfits and thugs to scream and holler and challenge police at any and all conservative political gatherings. This is not hearsay, its history. I would much rather our government fueled the economy so people can work and pay taxes, wouldn’t you?

We cannot continue to fight politically and kid ourselves that it will make America better because it won’t. If half the energy was spent on government funded work-related training in all the trades, it would be astounding to see the results. Feed a person a fish and come meal time, they need another fish. Teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

As voters it is our responsibility alone to examine not only the issues, but the leanings of both parties. Of course I have over-simplified my guide and of course I am not a political major; heck I never was a major at any time in anything, but I do know enough about myself to know which direction to vote. Our founders gave us a Republic, not a Democracy for a reason, but you will have to research that one for yourself.


Tammie h said...

Well said. People today jump on bandwagons without ever doing any research. Thanks for writing something anyone should be able to understand.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Dyer: Well said! I have seen the change in the Democratic Party over the years. It’s hard to believe that Barbara Jordan’s congressional district is now held by Sheila Jackson Lee both democrats, but worlds apart!

Teresa Hall: Well said. I don't vote for a particular party, but I vote based on the issues that are important to me. This time, like last time my choice is clear.

Johnny Connaly: To the point and I agree. My grandpa Brannan, a Democrat simply because they are for the working man, is likely rolling over in his grave. Fueled by fake news and social media, those wishing to destroy our country are displaying the extremes of the left. Those few known Democrat friends of mine seem to be oblivious to what is happening. I’m not saying I’m right and they’re wrong, but I feel I’m more right than they are.

Steve Liles: I'll read this today at lunch, but nothing one could say to change a persons mind to vote for anything other than opposite team Trump. Common sense left a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Voting is important to our democracy in more ways than one. The freedom's we have came at a high price. The dialog between War and Peace is at the price of those who understand and know the difference.

At 78 I missed one National election because I was deployed with a disaster. I have made a few mistakes in my choices by my own ignorance. I voted without knowing the candidate but chose for a reason called faith.

This election has influences many by false ads. Television time. Hollywood pushing it's agenda. We are feeling divisions on the Homefront that are not who we really are.

The countdown time is going to push our buttons. But go off in private and think rational.

Party lines are pushing emotional. Think of who you are and what you want for the generations to come. Knee time before the Cross. Or if you prefer go hunting or fishing or whatever brings out the intellectual educated part of your mind.

Anonymous said...

Judy Hanson Barrow: I grew up as a democrat. My dad was a pipe-fitter and belonged to the union. So it was no question about who our household was voting for. Bill Clinton was the last democratic president I voted for. The democratic party changed dramatically. I had to sw…See More

Steve Liles: I wish all people saw what you did. Some people are blind and refuse to see anything wrong doing long as endorsed by CNN. Bravo young lady!

Anonymous said...

BCB: Excellent Bert !

G: Explained nicely....if only the sheep could understand!

Unknown said...

I agree with this article. I would like to add a thought. I feel our government should collect taxes to be used only for situations we cannot handle on our own such as an attack from an aggressive foreign power. Therefore I support our millitary complex. I also agree Bert that natural disasters also require the governments help along with biological disasters. I believe education should be private, profit driven, and free from government intervention. Schools would compete, even on the elementary level and would be results driven.

Anonymous said...

Well said Bert, let me just expand on some of the issues you mentioned in the third paragraph of your blog. Dems seem to just want to expand government to the point where half us work for the government. Enough already! And these socialists believe that everyone deserves health care. Hey I’ve gone to work sick plenty of times and was quite productive. If you think you need health care, don’t you think that insurance companies have needs too? Their executives and lobbyists have to put food on the table after all. Financial assistance? Every person in this country has an equal chance to be a success. Welfare is just a crutch for the weak. We all know that. And taxes? We’re all fed up with paying and paying. In the last tax bill, the big breaks rightfully went to the rich and profitable corporations. After all, they know what’s best for the rest of us and we can rest assured that the money will be spent for the betterment of the county. Guns? The Second Amendment clearly states that is our right, not a privilege to keep and bear arms with no government oversight whatsoever. The more deadly the better. Education? We don’t need any stinkin’ education. Back in the day, we did just fine when over half the population was illiterate. Immigration? Mandatory confiscation of all children should only be the beginning. There are plenty of unemployed Americans who would jump at the chance to do the agricultural and construction jobs that are being taken away by illegals. Send them back to where they came from to fight the cartels. And abortion? Anybody with any sense knows that if all abortion is illegal, it will cease immediately. We, as parents gladly accept the responsibility to feed and clothe all the children of 15 year old mothers. And without all those pesky government child labor regulations, we can put the kids back to work and teach them the value of a dollar. Win win. And don’t forget those burdensome environmental regulations. Baytown residents know first hand that clean air and water is a luxury we can’t afford. Not when there’s money to be made!

Anonymous said...


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