Friday, April 24, 2009

Picking Up the Pieces and Moving On

On April 16th, my 25 year old son was found dead at a friend’s house, the victim of self-medication directly related to a year of combat in Iraq, 82 combat missions and exposure to 15 IED detonations, one of which wounded him. It’s been the hardest and most difficult time for my wife, daughter, family and friends we have ever experienced.

We knew of his hardship, but were basically helpless to prevent his demise. His battle buddy Sgt. Kenny Horna urged him to seek counsel and anti-depressant medication, but my son felt he could overcome it. This is a wake up call to every parent and wife/husband of a returning combat Vet.

One week has passed and we have decided the best course of action and the only way to get closure and healing is to move on. We are celebrating his life and are looking forward to many beautiful days in our future and I want to thank the hundreds of people who have comforted us in this tragic time.

His military funeral was so beautiful with over 600 people in attendance. The Patriot Guard, the U.S. Army honor detail and VFW Post 912 all contributed and made us proud of his service and even prouder to be called an American.

It has become my mission to help his many young friends through life, many of which are alone, or have suffered terrible hardships themselves.

So, with this said, we are moving on and his memory will live on through his many friends and family members. Nick, we love you Son.


Anonymous said...

Moving on, that is what you must do.. I can feel your loss as I relate it to losses of my a tribute I put your pictures of Nick as my screensaver so each day as I power up so will Nick...

Anonymous said...

as a soldier that had great pride and honor serving with your son. I give my dearest condolenses and peace be with you and your family. to one of the best men and soldiers I had pride and honor serving with rest in peace SGT Nik Marshall. you will never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this and you all will be in our prayers. We have a family member who just returned from Iraq and his behavior has been so self destructive that we have tried to convince his parents and siblings to do something. War is so hard on these young men and women.

WG Fitts said...

To Bert Marshall and his family,
Our prayers and thoughts are with you always..The loss of our hometown Hero Nick Marshall has acted as a wake up call to many of us who's family members have served in combat areas..and have returned home to only find a few Americans supporting their cause or offering any kind of help. We the people cannot turn our backs on what our Government leaders have created once again for our young warriors, putting them in a hell hole then not helping out veterans when they complete their missions and are returned home. Like many Veterans of the Korea/Vietnam war era found out, that when you came home from where ever you served the memories of combat or hazardous duty zones stayed in your mind creating a daily war on your existance.. Like many Veterans I have found out belonging to Veteran organizations has helped me to find out about my veteran benefits that has helped me to also help other veterans and that my mssion has never ended and the oath I took to never leave a brother or sister behind is what I live by. Like many Veterans when I took my uniform off, it didn't stop what I felt for my country..and both good and bad things stayed in my head, but I have friends who are my support group, my Veteran brothers and Sisters and my family.. Our Honored warrior Nick is now our guardian Angel who will be there when we are also called by our creator..But until that time us warriors on this earth need to let all Veterans and families know that joning others who have served maybe helpful for all Veterans..

Sorry to be so long Bro..your writing in Bert's Blog will help other Veterans of the Past and seek help they need..
Any veteran can e-mail this old vet @ and I will tell like it is...

God Bless Our Nick and his Family, and our Troops..
For God and Country Always
Service Officer VFW Post 912
Warren Fitts

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. So sorry to hear about your loss. I can honestly say I can relate. My oldest brother Richard was in 82nd Airborne in the first gulf war which was Desert Storm. He was over there for 13 months. Upon his return he battled depression until finally it conquered him. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. This hurts me. Nick was a great guy and decorated soldier.
-jeremy gene dobbins

Anonymous said...

I can still hear Nick's laughter. I hope I never forget the little details, the ones that everyone else forgets.

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