Friday, April 10, 2009

Pirates with U.S. hostage vow to fight if attacked?

“Here’s what we should do”, a phrase I am known for. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate with these Somali pirates and secure the release of the American ship Captain. We have no other safe choice but to meet their demands and it is the right thing to do.

Next, after securing the release of the illegally captured American ship captain, we should blow these people to whatever paradise they believe in with all the cameras rolling. No apologies needed or warranted and we shouldn’t even make a statement – but if one is required, it should be this:

“We do not negotiate or tolerate pirates”. Ahoy?

While I am on the political decision policy stump, I will add my two cents on the shoe-throwing incident concerning our last President, George W. Bush, which incidentally would be my exact reaction if it happened to our current President.

The President of the United States after ducking the shoes, should have walked back to this fellow and knocked his eyeballs so deep into his head, he would have had to have a pair of binoculars to see his watch.

Looking up, he should have remarked, “Oops, I thought protocol was out the window. My bad” and never issue an apology, nope, not one.

Last, but not least, someone needs to remind the President of the United States (current) that whoever is paying the bills calls the shots, whether the recipients like it or not. It’s called a benevolent dictatorship in case his forgetter is getting in the way of making right decisions.

We the people are paying the bills, so quit walking around Europe apologizing for we U. S. Citizens and remind them that we provide the billions of dollars worth of security they enjoy at our expense, since twice in the last century we pulled their bacon out of the fire.

The President of the United States never bows to any potentate or foreign head of state, period.

He needs to look himself in the mirror, then at a map of the United States and remember whom he represents. Semper fidelis U.S.A.

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