Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Baytown Dog Park, Mosquitoes and Fleas

View Cary Bayou Trail in a larger map

I communicated with Scott Johnson this morning.  He’s the head honcho over Baytown’s Parks Department and a good one, I might add.  A short note here on Baytown and it’s parks – they are managed very well and it’s obvious a high priority is placed on their maintenance.

The conversation went something like this: 

BB: “Mosquitoes and fleas Sir.  Help!  What exactly is being done to ensure the dog park doesn't become a breeding ground for fleas”?

Scott: “The Health Department sprays for mosquitoes on a regular schedule.  (The mosquitoes are winning)  As for the fleas, this is the first we have heard of a problem.  We will look into options and see what other cities are doing”.

At this point Mike Lister joined the conversation and added:

Mike: “The recent rains and moderate weather has ‘hatched’ a large crop of mosquitoes across the entire area.  We are larviciding and adulticiding (spraying) as best we can with weather permitting.  I will insure that the Jenkins Park area is sprayed during our routine spray efforts for that zone.  Thanks for the ‘heads up’ and we will do our best to knock them down”.

Mike is the Go To man at Health & EMS here and another mover and shaker (as opposed to a fatcat do-nothing).

BB: “Good deal.  Both of our dogs are on Advantage, which is a topical treatment that is systemic, but when we bring them home, they have fleas and they jump off in our house and Mike, good deal.  I’ll spread the word”.

So, there you have it fellow Baytown friends.  Never let anyone tell you that our city bigwigs are lazy, or don’t care about this city and its citizens.  Their jobs are pretty much thankless, but not from me.

If you haven’t been to Jenkins Park, the Cary Bayou Trail (see the map above), the Skate Park or the Dog Park you are shorting yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bert…often times all we need is a chance and our staff will get it done. GB

Anonymous said...

The dog park and area are great to take your dogs. Baytown needed this and it finally happened. It will continue growing and improving....and before long - we will have a dog park second to none. Way to go BAYTOWN.... BP

Baytown Bert said...

Update on fleas: Scott Johnson tells me the Park has been put on a spray schedule to keep fleas under control.

I advised him that heavy rains make the trails impassable and he said as soon as the ground is dry enough, the City will build the trails up higher than the grass.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bert ! Came across your blog on the dog park after looking for a contact. We have a problem at the dog park and it isn't fleas or Mosquitos. It's irresponsible dog owners who have not socialized their dogs or those who think its fun to bring their aggressive dog to the park to fight. This evening my 110 pound American bulldog was attacked by a pit bull, very small compared to my dog. The owner had him on a leash and allowed his dog to attack mine. When my dog countered the coward purposely turned loose of his dog to watch them fight. Aggressive breeds should not be allowed in the park. Nor should cowards who fight dogs for money.

Baytown Bert said...

Thank you for your note on the pit bull attack. I've forwarded it to Scott Johnson, the Park Super. BB

It can only happen while shopping!

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