Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Eagles Have Landed…Again!

In the slim chance that you haven’t heard, the eagles are back on Tri City Beach Road adjacent to Evergreen Golf Course. American bald eagles, that is and our country’s symbol of freedom. From morning to dark, observers line the road to watch, learn and photograph this great raptor.

A couple of evenings ago, I was on Evergreen road and cruised over in my snazzy KIA Rio 5 to have a gander for myself. Already assembled were a dozen or so folks, most of which were sporting expensive cameras with giant lenses and sturdy tri-pods. Everyone was bundled up against the wind and 40 degree weather – and there were no eagles present.

Passing amongst them, I asked if anyone was a member of the Baytown Photo Club only to learn none were from here. Two were from San Antonio, one from Beaumont, three from College Station and on and on. All were standing in the hard-packed dirt along the no-shoulder road waiting a chance to see the birds.

Since it was near dusk, it was a logical conclusion that all of these out-of-towners would be spending the night in a Baytown motel and eating food in our restaurants. Well known businessman and avid eagle photographer Chris Navarre joined me about this time and we stood close to the road and chatted about the possibilities and both of us agreed the area could be a boon for Baytown.

Hey! The birds are a big draw for our town, even though while we were there, a fellow who lives further down the road pulled up and asked “Hey, why are you guys here every day?”. “We are watching for the eagles” was the reply. “Eagles?” he asked.

I say it’s time the city capitalized on our small, but growing eagle population and bring in crushed rock to expand parking. A roofed structure with slab could be poured on the golf course side of the road to retreat to when it rained briefly and benches installed so photographers and observers could rest in between sightings. Add large garbage containers also and maybe a dog poo station for good measure.

Regardless if this happens or not, the area will inevitably become a giant mess from all the tourists visiting the area, pulling off the road and grinding up the soil. We will then be known for another eyesore and that is hardly what we want.


Anonymous said...

They must feel safe there or Tri-City Beach road does have a reputation or at least it did when I was a teenager...hmmm" KH

Anonymous said...

Me and the grandkids were just talking about them..but I didn't expeect them till about Feb....seems they didn't migrate far enuff south to get out of cold weather. BDP

Steve Green said...

What if a certain club approached the city with a form of "Adopt the Highway" offer? Maybe some sort of project could be initiated.
I know there are lots of visitors , I pass by here every day going home .
I think it would be a great opportunity for the city and it's citizens.
I am all for it Bert.Great report.

Anonymous said...

"Had people posting today from the stadium area and Pinehurst that eagles were flying around their house. Then I get home and grandson was adding more lites and then started screaming....an eagle swooped down and grabbed the blk hat off snowman dragging snowman over before hat came off...and then flew off towards 146 with the hat...some lucky little baby will besitting on a snowman hat... keep yr sm dogs in...they r nesting" BDP

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