Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eleven Intrepid Geocachers Take on TEXAS Series

Yesterday, 11 intrepid geocachers tackled the 47-cache series dubbed TEXAS in George Bush park.  We logged 11.5 foot miles in 82 degree heat, briars galore, and no trail to speak of.  Texas Dreamcacher wrote a poem to commemorate the effort:

'Twas the Winter Solstice

with our apologies to

Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston

By Texas DreamCacher

'Twas the Winter Solstice in George Bush Park

And cachers began to gather - even though it was dark;

Packs were loaded and batteries checked

While GPSR's were hung 'round their necks;

The gate was still chained and padlocked,

But Baytown Bert said, “It's time... says my clock.”

“On geogeex, Team Trogladyte and AaronBarbee,

Z_Malloc, ggmorton and Nebulous703....

Move Nov64, agtitan, GreatBirds... ya hear?

We'll let slo-poke, TDW bring up the rear!”
And so it began long before daylight,

11 brave cachers sallied forth, unaware of their plight;

The morning sky was cloudy and gray,

Looked it 'twould be a perfect caching day;

Down the path they all trod as they all tried to be first,

Little did they know that this would bring on a big thirst.

But more on that later, we've only begun,

The litter of cachers started having great fun;

For efficiency, simplicity and speed,

we would sign as a group, it was agreed;

Solstice Swarm, said someone we could sign as SS,

But after a discussion we decided that wasn't the best;

Approaching the first cache, we needed a name,

“Sign it SOL!” someone said, “even though it is lame”.

SOL is for Solstice which really doesn't suck,

But we know that you'll refer to us a S*** Out of Luck.
We found the first cache and were proud of ourselves,

So we hiked on some more, like good little elves;

At the second cache as a group we struggled,

Later found out that it had been muggled;

The DNF did not dampen our mood,

As the third cache showed up right where it should;

Through briar, bramble and thorn we did travel,

As the “T.E.X.A.S.” series we began to unravel;
The leader would switch off and on during the day,

And most everyone could show us the way;

Except for one cacher who showed up in short pants,

He led us through barbwire, thorns and fireants;

He would find the cache, 'though we had to donate,

Pints of blood for the survival of this asylum inmate;

All went well until we finished “S.A.X.E”,

It was at that time that we lost the first three;
“Hey, where ya going, just what is the matter?”

“We're hot and we're tired and we've run out of water”;

So they left without shame and vanished behind a tree,

As the rest of us started to complete the “T”;

We had only seven more caches to log;

At one of them we saw a whole herd of hog;

When the series was finally done,

At least 50 smilies we each had won;

So as we parted ways and BaytownBert we did hear,

We had a great time caching on the shortest day of the year!


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