Monday, August 22, 2011

It's So Dry In Texas That...

On my Facebook Page (Bert Marshall) I asked my friends to contribute original material to the question:  It's so dry, …

Here is what the posted.

Its so dry, I seen a coyote chasin' a rabbit and they was both walkin'.
Its so dry, yesterday my wormy dog was draggin' his rear end and set my grass on fire!
It's so dry in Baytown, the councilmen renamed it Dune.
It's so dry, no one is playing pocket pool!
It's so dry, I ate a popsicle and all it was , was wood.
It's so dry, they are seeding the clouds with photographs of dry ice.
It's so dry, dry docks are poppin' up in the middle of lakes.
It's so dry, "The Dog Days of Summer" is now a horror movie.
It's so dry, People are selling their stock in 'Arrid Extra Dry'.
It hasn't rained so long in Texas... everyone's sense of humor is dry.
It's so dry, the martinis aren't.
Its so dry, I have a big crack in my ............ front yard.
It's so dry, the DEPENDS signed up for unemployment!
It's so dry, even the dust devils are praying for rain.
It's so dry, I had a mosquito ask for a glass of water!
It's so dry, I have to use a fire hydrant for eye drops!
It's so dry, I have to lick my fingers, to lick my fingers, to turn a page.
It's so dry, I had to use Vagasil to blink!
It's so dry, two clouds were spotted at the local vocational school signing up for another future in the rain biz
It's so dry, Dry Gulch, Texas has been renamed Very Dry Gulch.

And finally, this one comes out of Georgia:

It's so about the weather...whoa..I just left a bar and I swear there was two frogs sitting on barstools....I walked up and said, "What are you guys doing in here?"...they said whadda ya mean?'s the only place we can get a drink.


Anonymous said...

It's so dry I caught a catfish and he had a tick. PJ

Anonymous said...

"It's so dry, the Catholics are praying for the wine to be turned back into water." PJ

Anonymous said...

"It's so dry, I saw to trees fighting over a dog" BAM

tom cummins said...

its so dry, a drop of rain fell on a guy and he fainted dead away. It took 2 buckets of dirt to bring him to. tom cummins covington, ky.

Unknown said...

It's so dry that squirrels are starting to get dandruff!

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