Saturday, August 27, 2011

A letter from Warren Fitts

I met Ken the Dauber a good while back after he got set up I gave him a visit and asked what he needed for his mission and I also let my Vietnam era Bro's know about Ken and some well needed donations came in from Vet organizations.. One day I was unloading some supplies and carrying things in, Ken caught me in back of studio and asked me some questions about my service..and then asked if anyone was KIA in my family was a little weird because my brother Bill has done our family tree of warriors who date back into revolution and many of the Fitts family tree served this country putting their life's on the line for Freedom from day one.

The first Fitts , Robert Fitts hit the American Shores in 1638 in Mass. and his existence in America had brought future generations of those who stood up for Protecting our country...the Fitts family were true Patriots with a proven history of support and leadership in all wars that faced our country...During the many era's of war many in my family tree were injured or gave the ultimate sacrifice..I told Ken about a cousin who was killed in Vietnam and about his family, Ken said I want to paint him and I said well he is from Massachusetts not Texas, he said that don t matter he is a my Hero..

 So I got permission from Richard A. Fitts son Richard A. Fitts JR for Ken the Dauber to paint SFC Richard A. Fitts who served with Special Forces MAC V SOG in Vietnam., and was MIA in Vietnam in 1968 til 1989 when him and his team were found and status changed to KIA and returned remains found were returned home and buried in 1990.. many articles put out did not mention Richards family left behind which  was his son Richard JR who was 2 years old when his Dad was MIA and his wife Vickie Fitts.

Anyway Ken the Dauber has taken a black and white photo and created a portrait of SFC Richard A. Fitts in a Vietnam Hero tribute .

You have asked me my story and like you Bert I did my job, you know its my family history that really drives me to never give up..and I am so proud to see such great warriors like Richard Fitts in my family tree...

Later, Ren

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Anonymous said...

In memory of SFC Richard A.Fitts ~ R.I.P +~
All my thoughts and Support to the Family , Brothers in arms and Friends .
Paszkiewicz Rudy .

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