Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Connie - Deadhorse Alaska!

An UpDate From Connie - Deadhorse Alaska!
It is very cold here right now; with the chill factor it has been around 60 below zero most of the last two days..ever since I arrived on the slope. We are currently in phase II conditions, which means we dont travel except by convoy.
I have been moved to my new room at the Aurora Hotel and it is cold in my room even with Central Heat. I would be miserable if I was still in one of the other rooms I had before. My room is the very end room on the first floor of the wing in the foreground of the attached picture. The cafeteria is at the exact opposite end of this giant building.
My room is great! Of course, if this was my bedroom at home, I would not be so happy…….but for here, it is first class. This building is so big that a round trip walk from my room to the cafeteria is right at a third of a mile. So, just going to eat and back three times a day, Ill get a one mile walk.
I turned in my truck today and will ride a shuttle from here to my office and back until my new office down the hall from my room is complete. I am so happy about this, and ecstatic that soon I wont be going outside at all except to and from the airport.
My last R&R was 26 days; it was really hard to come back after that. LOL! I arrived yesterday, and Im quickly getting back in the groove……..I really have a great job for which I am thankful to God. It keeps getting better, but no closer to home. 
*Note:  Connie is my sister and she lives on the Mont Belvieu side of Dayton, Texas

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