Sunday, January 29, 2012

New home for Tauch's plates By Jane Howard Lee Baytown Sun

Two plates painted by famous Baytown artist Albert Tauch found a new home at Baytown Historical Museum this week.

The plates, decorated with paintings by Albert Tauch (1904-1998) were given by the artist to a woman who helped care for him during his later years. That woman passed on and a relative of hers, Wanda Anderson, took the time and effort to find someone who could take the plates and find a place for them where they will be appreciated.

Terry Presley accepts plates decorated with paintings by the late great Baytown artist Albert Tauch from Bert Marshall. Rather than keep them for himself, Bert stated he wanted to share them with the community. The plates will be included in a display at Baytown Historical Museum, where Presley is the museum director.
Plate photos copyright Baytown Bert

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jessisyouqq said...

I recently bought one of his paintings that's named HellFighters. I personally loved it, on the front is the name of the painting bottom left and his name with the year 1983 on the bottom right I have no idea it's value but I know it's not a replica you can see the texturized painting grooves it's awesome!

It can only happen while shopping!

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