Thursday, July 26, 2012

Man Steal Recyclables From City of Baytown Under Our Collective Nose

Trash and recycle container are easy pickings for passing aluminum scroungers.

There was a man on the street this morning who lives in my subdivision. He wears a straw hat and walks around with no shirt on. He had a big bag of cans on his shoulder that he filled from the recycle bins which we all put out. 
 I told him he was stealing from the city. He said he was recycling. I told him I realized that, but all of the people in the neighborhood are recycling to help the city and the money he is getting is going in HIS pocket, not the city's. He walked off and said he basically is going to continue. It really angered me that I am recycling to fill this guys pockets. I want him to explain to the police how he is justifying doing this and I called it in.
As a friend explained to me: "At the very least it should be a fine for stealing from the city."
If this guy (and he is the second one I've seen doing this in Chaparral Village) were to go down to the recycle center and load up a bag of cans and then sell them, folks would be outraged, but he is basically doing just that. My recycling efforts make me an unpayed employee of this guy. 
It can be argued that he is actually working and since he is recycling, what harm can it do?  
Well, first off, I could recycle my own aluminum and put the money in my pocket, but I choose to give it to the city that I am trying to help.  This guy is simply a bum who lets all of chumps do his work for him, in my opinion. 


Anonymous said...

That is just wrong. Hope the police do something about it! CSR

Anonymous said...

You're right Bert, it's bogus. Some folks just have no shame. JK

Anonymous said...

It is illegal to take something from the "garbage" once it is put in the can, I would say it's the same with recycling. He should go pick up cans off the roadside. Its a good way to make a buck but sounds like he is even too lazy to work that hard. That is lazy, he can't even pick em up off the roadside? no wonder he doesn't have a job. RBC

Anonymous said...

I hate when I set anything out and someone's takes it. Had a guy pull up in a truck and start loading up garage sale leftovers. Now mind you I obviously don't want it, but you're on my property making a mess rooting for treasure. Irritating. TWB

Anonymous said...

You should report it to the police! Please post what they say.

It can only happen while shopping!

As the big man is my witness, every word of this is unquestionable and void of hyperbolic incredibility. With that taken into consid...