Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WESTCOAST DONUTS honors Ken Pridgeon

I was chatting with my old Air Force buddy, Ken "the Dauber" Pridgeon this morning and he informed me that West Coast Donuts on Decker Drive was blessing him this morning with a donation from the sale of "Freedom" donuts they sell.  You may remember the story by Jane Lee from the Baytown Sun back in June of this year.
Ken "the Dauber" Pridgeon, Sophan and Sokunthea Som, and Scott Sheley
 I met Ken at the West Coast Donut shop and enjoyed a cruller or two and in walks city councilman Scott Sheley, who I enjoy very much.  He was there for the presentation of a two hundred and fifty dollar check to Ken by the owner of the shop.  He invited me to join their little group at the shop each Saturday morning at 9 am, where he claims "they figure things out", if I remember correctly.  He insinuated I could add to their mental stockpile of facts and interesting stories.
Sophan Som and Scott (the handsome one) Sheley talk about the future of Texas Avenue and the gallery of Heroes.
 The owners of this shop, husband and wife Sophan and Sokunthea Som have been very supportive of the projects on Texas Avenue, the restoration of the Brunson Theater and now, the Gallery of Heroes according to councilman Sheley(who asked to be referred to as "the handsome one" by the way and it was a pleasant experience altogether.

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Scott Shelley is a CROOK and a BUM
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It can only happen while shopping!

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