Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gorilla Disc Golf Tourney coming to Baytown 8-24!

I was walking my doggies at Walter Jenkins Park this afternoon, marveling over the explosion of activity by disc golfers.  I could see at least five groups and all of them were carrying or wheeling the trademark bags of discs and equipment.  I even got to see a disc fly off course and disappear under the rushing water of Cary Bayou (Yes, not all of them float).  The sudden rain storms have the bayou moving pretty good and just a couple of days ago, it was dry.
These folks came from out of town to prepare for the upcoming tourney August 24th.
I talked to a number of the players who hailed from Kingwood and asked them how our course compared to the more than 50 courses in the Houston area, and as one they remarked it was a premier course.  They were very excited about the upcoming tournament August 24th and said the park would be loaded with golfers from all over the state.

From what I could see there were seniors, early teens, male, females and even a couple walking their dog while they played.  It looks like a lot of fun and a great amount of exercise, as they not only walk as much as 18 "holes", but the incredible amount of body English they employ has got to have an effect on the old body.

Baytown Parks under Superintendant Scott Johnson, has done a good thing and kudos all the way around to Parks planner Dustin Schubert and the other folks involved in making this course a reality.  For more information on disc golf, contact the Houston Flying Disc Society.



Anonymous said...

Cub scouts can earn a belt loop in it.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of it until now..... Looks fun !!

Irving said...

This is cool!

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