Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Friendswood Texas Detention Pond

This was a project to transform a utilitarian detention basin into a regional park and protected wildlife area.

This basin was originally designed to keep homes from flooding. The goal was to provide many amenities and increase the detention capability. The existing detention ponds were deepened on a gradual slope as part of the project. Wetlands plantings will be added to both ponds and will serve as a natural filtering system as the water flows from north to south.

Particular attention has been paid to assure that all the plantings and grasses will be beneficial to the environment. The ponds will be equipped with a state of the art aeration system that will improve the storm water quality that is discharged into Clear Creek and maintain a beautiful clear lake affect in the ponds. Next year the ponds will be open for catch and release fishing.



Anonymous said...

Doug Traylor here, age 70s, retired from Ross S. Sterling High, shop teacher, the woods behind my house in Bayou Bend Addition,Chambers County, are being destroyed by a yellow Diesel powered machine that is grabbing trees, ripping them apart, the poor rabbits, squirrels an other wildlife are running for cover, but where to run.

There were no rabbits this morning too feed, then later in the morning, I saw the machine tearing away at our green areas. Haven't seen a deer in more than 10 years, saw a momma wildcat about 5 years ago, grabbed a squirrel too feed her young.

The Baker Road extension is long overdue, but not at the cost of our green areas an wildlife,, BUT this is in Chambers Country, North hwy 146, behind, IE East of Rio's Roofing, Bayou Bend addition, quite an nice place for me to live for 45 years, now being torn apart by "progress" ?????

Is this part of the Baker Road extension,??? seems to be too far North, for Baker, are they also extending Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Rd all the way too hwy 146 ????

How do I sign up for your blog, not sure, you do a great job, have read some along the way , thru the years.

Thanks Doug

Anonymous said...

So have they stocked these ponds with fish yet??

It can only happen while shopping!

As the big man is my witness, every word of this is unquestionable and void of hyperbolic incredibility. With that taken into consid...