Friday, November 01, 2013

Observations and thoughts about violent crime

Robbery in The Woodlands caught on camera
Daily I watch the news to see masked men with guns robbing banks, armored cars, fast food restaurants, and even a Jiffy Lube.  A Jiffy Lube!  We are living in a boom economy with more jobs than we have qualified people to fill and yet, according to a coworker, these armed criminals are victims of our society and are being forced to steal a truck and ram in into a 7-11 and steal an ATM machine in order to feed their families. 


Taemarr Walker's brother caught in Texas in Saturday homicide

I was raised to believe if I couldn’t pay my bills or care for my family, I took a second or even third part time job to make ends meet.  Boy, times must have changed while I was working fifty to seventy hours a week for the last forty odd years.  Where have I been?

The above conversation is real and went like this, “The reason these men are robbing stores is they can’t get good jobs because of the economy.”

“The reason they can’t get good jobs is because they are convicted felons.”

“Exactly.  They are convicted felons and society has made it where they can’t get good jobs, so they are forced to get it any way they can.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yea, they are victims of society.”

Reckless McDonald's robbery in The Woodlands
Recently I watched the news and a well known people’s advocate was complaining about the armed robberies, home invasions, crash and grabs, purse snatchings, and other violent crime in inter-city Houston.  He said business and home owners are scared.  I appreciate this natty-dressed fellow using the violent crime problem to get his image before the people on this subject, because normally, the only time I see him is when he is crying foul when one of these violent criminals gets “abused” by the police department.

I remember when Islamic extremists were in the news daily killing Americans and the outrage by the general American public over the silence of peaceful Muslims in this country.  The average person when questioned told me they felt there should be a distancing and denouncing of terror by peaceful Muslims and they were basically silent on the subject.

'Wigged-out bandit' and accomplices rob credit union
I’m thinking this same people’s advocate needs to stir up the hard-working law-abiding people he represents to rise up and separate themselves from the criminals who are destroying the general public’s perception that this crime wave is inherent, because the 6 O’clock news sure is reinforcing that view.  Either that, or the media is seriously biased against this particular ethnicity.

Back to my conversation with an Operations supervisor I know, he continued, “If these convicted felons could get better jobs, they wouldn’t be stealing.”

“They steal because they are dishonest and criminal.  It has nothing to do with the economy.”

“No, it’s the economy.”

Armed bank robber in bright orange vest gets away with cash from Houston bank
“Um, is that why they attempt to rob an armored car with guns, knowing full well the guards are heavily armed and will shoot it out?”

Come on folks, reason this out.  Do the Somali pirates hijack a ship because of the economy?  Do people break into a home, or steal a truck and crash it into a storefront repeatedly and steal an ATM machine because they can’t get a good job?  Do people ease up to a car and while the occupant is pumping gas, steal their purse because they weren’t handed a job making forty dollars an hour when they finished high school?

Bank robbers on the loose after Pasadena hold up
As a concealed handgun permit citizen, I routinely have my firearm with me, as do hundreds of other law-abiding citizens and on a few occasions recently, these same unfortunate victims of society have pulled a gun on the wrong people.  I don’t wish harm on anyone, but that is wearing thin.  I don’t entertain fantasies of “blowing someone away”, but being a martial artist; I’ve had to come to grips with envisioning how it all may go down.

Now, back to the armored car robbers – let’s focus on these for starters.  The social victims are almost 100% sure they are going to shoot and be shot at and the same goes with entering a bank with a mask and gun.  Who in their right mind would do something like this in 2013 when businesses are crying for qualified help?  Criminals.  Criminals would and do, because they are not victims, but criminals who prey of society.

Search continues for second teen suspect in deadly shooting
So let’s cut through the socially and politically correct bologna right now and call these fellows what they are.  Dangerous and violent criminals and if they enter a home, bank, business, gas station, or Jack in the Box with a gun with the intention of robbing and shooting the people inside, they should be terminated with extreme prejudice and if you think this is harsh, put the shoe on the other foot. 

Imagine one of your loved ones being gunned down by one of these heinous creeps and then see if you can find a benevolent place in your heart for this poor unfortunate victim of society, because I sure can’t.  I’m sick of looking over my shoulder when sitting in a Subway, wondering if a couple of men in masks and hoodies are going to come through the door with guns so they can rob the place for a couple of hundred dollars.

Robbery suspect seen on camera accused of multiple cell phone store robberies.


Anonymous said...

I like it. And agree 100%. AW

Anna Singleton said...

I am glad I am not the only one that see it that way. I am sickened by the part of the community that will not call in on the poor victims(criminals) because it is someone's brother, sister, father or grandchild that will get into trouble and go to jail. This poor innocent criminal mentality is looked at by so many that they do not realize they themselves are part of the problem.

Anna Singleton said...

I am glad I am not the only one that see it that way. I am sickened by the part of the community that will not call in on the poor victims(criminals) because it is someone's brother, sister, father or grandchild that will get into trouble and go to jail. This poor innocent criminal mentality is looked at by so many that they do not realize they themselves are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Very good! And so true! I worked for 11 years with these criminals, in TDCJ. They are not victims by any stretch. They are lazy, narcissistic sociopaths who don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. DT

Anonymous said...

You got it right. The criminal is not the victim. Some people put in their minds what makes life easier to except. AS

Anonymous said...

Victims of the economy, eh? That’s interesting. You should ask him if he would like to begin donating the contents of his house, lending his car, and giving half his paycheck to the “victims”…since he’s so in touch with their feelings and everything. I promise you that if a gun was ever held to his head and he was told to hand over his money…he wouldn’t think of them as victims any longer. JD

Anonymous said...

Great article Bert....they are criminals...not people that commit armed robbery and then go back to their wife and three kids and say "whew that was a close one, I hope this gets us through honey until I can find work" as he kisses his wife and tucks his kids into bed....great article!!!! JD

Anonymous said...

These people are not innocent victims. They are wolves among sheep. Google the article "Of wolves, sheep and sheepdogs." Very good read.

Anonymous said...

They're vermin! RV

Anonymous said...

Very good article, welcome to generation entitlement. VM

Linden said...

The sad part about this is with prison overcrowding they will serve very little time and will be back on the streets again. I suspect many of them do not have a long term horizon for their life expectancy so they figure I need to get it now and quickly and easily with no regard to the laws of the land.

Anonymous said...

There is only one answer for this and I saw Charles Bronson's movie again Death Wish. It is time for all of us to take action and begin to solve these problems the same way Charles Bronson did in Death Wish. CK

Anonymous said...

Now I know us Europeans don't understand anything about the gun laws in the US/Texas nor necessarily agree with them. I DO know that it would probably change this person's view real quick if we would put him in one of your penitentiaries with those so called 'victims', and see how long he lasts! HB

Anonymous said...

When one of these poor victims of societal collapse is shot by police there is a great outcry, and defenders of the downtrodden appear on the scene and television screen to protest the brutality and misunderstanding visited on this wonderful young person. No matter that he has a page full of mug shots and a rap sheet as
long as my arm, they will defend his rights and honor, claiming 'wrong place, wrong time' and other such Fairy Tales. He can't find a good job? Not hanging at bars and strip clubs and sleeping all day, no, he won't. I am sure our jails are grossly over-crowded and so these small time crooks get out and get into more trouble, sending the cycle round and round. Sadly enough they are also Baby Daddies with no inclination to raise or have a hand in bring up a good citizen. I can think of a lot of good ways to break the cycle, but would most likely be shot for voicing my opinions. SW

Anonymous said...

Great article, Bert. I couldn't agree with you more! JP

Anonymous said...

Jake Roberts said...

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