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Give me back my phone Mr. Bigshot!

Notice to all current and aspiring politicians: How dare you have the temerity and self-righteous arrogance to vote yourself an exemption to the Do Not Call registry? What? You say you weren’t in on that invasive luxury? Well, how about the intent of the registry? How about those of us that have opted to not receive ANY unsolicited phone calls? How about our right to not receive a phone call we do not want, especially when someone is pushing a product?

Yea, I was as surprised as many of you when non-tangible goods were suddenly labeled products. If you have an idea, or an agenda in these times, it is now labeled a product. It’s hilarious and stupid and unfortunately, it has become the go-to phrase by people selling almost anything. For instance, an insurance policy is now called a product. “You will really like this product, Mr. Marshall!”

“Uh, you mean policy, right?” My question is met with a non-comprehending look.

Back to the danged self-serving politicians calling my house while I’m eating supper and after a hard day’s labor at work (they don’t actually do this. It is a recorded message that comes on after 20 seconds of silence).

I registered to prevent the very call you have taken the liberty to make and I deeply resent it. It is blatant solicitation, and isn’t the purpose of the Do Not Call registry to stop unsolicited phone calls?

Isn’t it enough that they bombard the television stations constantly telling us how awesomely they will represent us? Isn’t it enough that one look at their polished image makes us know automatically that by voting for them they will close the borders or push through that much needed legislation that no one else has ever done?

Heckfire, if this was actually the case, one look at Joe’s big smile and he could sell me a Yugo, and I’d pay list price.

To me and many other Americans, you have less of a product to peddle than the teen selling cheap magazines, and the reason for this is you will most likely make no changes for the good. Not a single danged one. You won’t change anything for the better. History has proved this in spades. Politicians in this country are viewed the same way scribes were in Jesus’ time, as nothing more than interpreters and abusers of the law and this home phone invasion is a perfect example.

If you call my house, I will make a mark by your name and make it a point to vote against you. These characters feel they are so important that they can simply exempt themselves from the very law the past lawmakers passed. They own and operate the law, so they can simply exempt themselves to please not me, but themselves. They forget they are PUBLIC SERVANTS. I wish I could call each of their houses while they are eating supper with their families and ramble on about, well, whatever crosses my mind – after a 20-second pause silence, of course.

On an average, I am receiving four very important phone calls every night to thank me for my future vote for one of these intruders and I have decided that the whole political system is basically representing the political system only and not a single working American. It is a cancer that just keeps getting larger and the doctors are administering the disease.

Back in Rutherford Hayes administration, when you phoned the White House – he answered the phone.

Try to get a state senator or Texas congressman on the line these days and let me know how that goes.

If they do answer, don’t say anything for 20 seconds, and then give them a recorded message of your intentions.

From the bottom to the top official, all we get is promises of change with no results that actually benefit the hard working American. Did we pull out of Guantanamo or Afghanistan the first year our current head official promised (as an example of blatant lemon car selling politics)? Nope. Here we are five years later and more promises that 10 months from now we (read threatening) are again promised we will pull out of a country we invaded 12 or 13 years ago and I might add, has changed nothing, except wound, kill, and mentally wreck our military and their families.

Tell the IRS you’ll send in payment in 12 or 13 years and let me know how that goes, or don’t pay your home taxes for the same amount of time and sadly you’ll be living in a van down by the river.

If you can’t believe the top guy, why on earth would I listen to an intrusive phone call with a 20-second pause while enjoying supper with my family?

Thank you for listening Mr. or Ms. very important current and future law-bending politician.

I’m just another stupid American lemming citizen who unfortunately understands our forefathers fought and died for freedom from a self-serving tyrannical government, and just in case you need a refresher on the word tyranny, I’ll go ahead and dig it up for your future reference: a government in which all power belongs to one person : the rule or authority of a tyrant and/or cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others.

Yea, the phone call is a little thing, but it sets the stage for elitism and that my friend is diametrically opposed to the term public servant.


Anonymous said…
Your best article yet. BAM
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this article. I often disagree with you but on this issue I am livid.
We have gotten over half a dozen calls from 6 to 7 pm nightly for weeks. I wish we could send your article to every politician that invaded our space and activities. KJ
Anonymous said…
Great job. Give em hell Harry.
(As in Truman). MM
Anonymous said…
Excellent article.

Anonymous said…
I ditched my land line for this very reason (well, it was ONE of the reasons). I got ZERO calls during the political season on my cell phone. It was nice. LH
Anonymous said…
Well Dang Man . . . I'm sure glad you're tellin'em . . . . . . . . . and you're doing a real good job too! Blister their a$$es.

Proud of you.

I've thought a lot about doing it myself.

But then I thought. . . . . . . . . . . uh?

Good Luck in your endeavor Bert.


ps . . . Just foolin ya'.

I really am behind you. I agree a thousand per cent.

But realistically . . . . . besides writing an article in a paper, that an infindesticlepicular number of people. . . . . (and that's a really really small number of people), will read . . .

What? SB
Anonymous said…
Since switching to the cable triple play deal (tv, internet,phone) I now have caller ID and that makes it easier to avoid the robocalls. Clearing up the messages left then become the bother as calls can't be deleted or saved until the entire msg has played.

My theory is instead of calling us before election day to say what they will do when elected I think the calls should come after they're in office to let us know what the actually have done. I'd be more prone to vote for someone as a satisfied customer then getting a dozen calls before the election reminding me what stellar folks they are.

Another pet peeve.... it's customary for many of those running to get the wire stakes that get placed in the ground with their name/party and perhaps slogan draped over it. That's fine, if you want it on your property go ahead. The candidate's teams also plop the signs all over the place - street corners, by election facilities, along the highway, etc. We last had an election in November and when riding around can still see some of those things which haven't been removed. Those are the names I make a mental note of - if the campaign isn't going to clean up their stuff after election day then why should I believe they would be good officials.

. . . . . said…
During the primaries the candidates all slander and try to discredit their opponents. the very second one of them gets the vote, the losers all endorse them.
Anonymous said…
I hate that mess, sometimes for weeks after the election. CB
Anonymous said…
When a telemarketer or non-profit place calls, say these words:

"Please put me on your do not call list."

Do not say anything else. Repeat as necessary.

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