Sunday, March 16, 2014

The 22 Top Attractions in Baytown!

Pirate's Bay in Baytown, Texas
Hello Baytown Bert, here are the top 22 attractions that I see as important for anyone visiting or living in Baytown. I added one restaurant and one beer company as a 21st and 22nd attraction because we all love to eat and socialize! Instead of providing a list of 22 in order of importance, I decided to divide the attractions and venues into four broad categories. They are not ordered according to importance because different people are interested in different things. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Birding, Fishing and Outdoors

1.     Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Education Center

2.     Baytown Nature Center

3.     Thompson’s Bait Camp (Facebook link)

4.     Bayland Marina and waterfront park (3 Historical markers, boat ramp, fishing pier, etc.)

5.     WL Jenkins Park (disc golf, Bark Park, trails, etc.)

6.     Bicentennial Park (Fireman’s Memorial and the Veteran’s Memorial)

Entertainment and Recreation

1.     Royal Purple Raceway

2.     Pirate’s Bay Waterpark

3.     Cork Grinders (has great entertainment, food)

4.     Evergreen Point Golf Club

5.     Yepez Vineyard

Arts, Culture and Heritage

1.     Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery

2.     Republic of Texas Plaza

3.     Lee College Performing Arts Center (can see Baytown Symphony Orchestra and/or Baytown  Little Theater perform on this stage in addition to all of the other shows they bring in)

4.     Baytown Little Theater

5.     Lynchburg Ferry (be sure to read the historical markers)

6.     Baytown Historical Museum

7.     Trophy Barbershop

8.     Fred Hartman Bridge

9.     Art League of Baytown

Restaurants and Nightlife

1.     Pipeline Grill

2.     Dirty Bay Beer Company

 Anna Enderli  Tourism Coordinator  City of Baytown


. . . . . said...

Another major draw for some folks are the bald Eagles nesting on Tri City Beach Road by the Evergreen Golf Course.

Steve Liles said...

People always ask me where they can go fish from the bank. Well the Sylvan Beach Pier is best, but many haven't seen the Baytown Nature Center a peninsula of wildlife and fishing piers and banks that really are good places to fish. Bring your own bait and fresh dead shrimp next to live shrimp is the best for trout, redfish and croaker.

Ren Fitts said...

*I still like Roseland Park with old train, play ground for kids and fishing and crabbing....
*Places I miss is Decker Drive in theater... got engaged to my wife there in 70's....
* and I love Someburger double meat, fries and milk shake...
* above all I really like the melting pot of people in Baytown, many have great history stories of how they got here....

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