Friday, May 20, 2016

Social change has nothing on crime

The Hippie Revolution was going to ruin America as we know it.
In a moment of clarity the other night, I came to a startling realization. In our current society, what really bothers me is not immorality, commercials on TV, political gouging, or so-called progressive social adjustments. What bothers me is the criminal strata that festers in our world. I was thinking about what I read and see in the news and our country’s current fascination with transgender bathrooms when I made this connection.

Before I go further, let me define what I mean by crime. This term to me takes in every sort of illegal behavior from international swindling to petty theft and everything in between. It’s the 17 year old kid going through your car’s glove compartment to the accountant bilking cents on the dollar from clients.

It’s the unscrupulous car salesman to the serial rapist. It’s that immoral preacher who preys on their congregation to the person who makes me keep my doors and windows locked on my vehicle and house.

Recently I watched a video someone made of a beggar sitting alongside the road in a 3rd world country. A motorcyclist stopped and the man pulled out his wallet to give an offering. A second motorbike drove by and a man snatched the wallet from his hand. The bike driver leaped off the bike and gave chase on foot. The beggar threw off his ragged cover, hopped on the vacant bike and sped off.

The now bike-less driver ran back and pulling out his cell phone, tried to call the police, only to lose his phone to yet another motorcyclist speeding behind him. It was organized crime for sure and the Good Samaritan was left without anything he had when he arrived but his clothing. Do you think this guy was wondering about transgender bathrooms at this instant? His dilemma was far more pressing and that is my point.

In so many ways I think we as Americans get manipulated and steered into getting upset over things that really don’t matter. As a prime example, we are told Bud-Lite is the beer to drink and we buy it, or Miller, Coors, etc., even though it is recognizably an inferior product. People actually get in fights over this very thing. However, their advertising dollars are so shrewdly spent that by golly, Budweiser can rebrand as “America” for the summer and it becomes patriotic to drink the stuff. Never mind that good old Bud is owned by a foreign country.

We get in a major tiff over Bruce Jenner having a sex change and which bathroom transgender people may use and totally ignore the fact that no one looks at each other in our bathrooms and cross-dressers and transgender people go into a stall, close the door, do their business, and leave just like they always have and nothing has or will change in that regard. Yet now it’s a major issue of perversion and people are all slap your face upset over it? Really?

I can’t remember the last time I made eye contact with another human in a bathroom and as far as I know, none of them have open stalls. They are private areas where we take care of a bodily function and leave. Heck, I don’t talk to other people in the bathroom either. My only concern when I enter a public bathroom is if someone is going to rob me and the sign on the door will not change whether this happens or not.

I hate crime. I hate perverts. I hate the way drugs have come into this country by invitation and I really hate how there are so many people trying to get what I worked for - for free.  The often bogus phone calls I get where someone is attempting to access my bank account “for charity” makes me wish I could push a button and permanently mark the person on the other end as a thief. One guy told me he was an IT professional and I told him “No you are not, I am.” He proceeded to use the most profane and foul language directed at me and my mother and slammed the phone down. All I got out of it was the satisfaction of calling him out.

It is time to quit being told what we think is bad and do a little sorting on our own. What really matters? What is truly important in our lives? Is it transgender bathrooms? Not to me. I lived in a 3rd World country where men and women freely use the same bathroom and I saw nothing and surely didn’t get a sexual thrill out of it. I did my business and left, just like everyone else. Why is it in this country that if it even remotely involves the genitals, it is vulgar and forbidden and yet we feast on violence like it is dessert? I think we have it backwards.

If this country became as polarized against criminals and less worried about stupid distractive social change, we could make a young criminal think 3 times before they headed down that path. Somehow, we have demonized using the bathroom and made it a perversion and all around the world, people simply take care of business and everyone ignores them.


Anonymous said...


Excellent article. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

FU: A lot said here Bert!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Fred.

Bert, Thanks for making us think!!

Give God your life; He can do
more with it than you can....


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BAM: Here here!

Gordon in Baytown said...

I agree as far as the bathroom issue. I could not care less who is standing beside me or sitting in the next stall as long as they keep their eyes, hands, and comments to themselves. Do their business and i'll do mine.

The big phobia over the bathroom thing isn't about trannys, it's about the criminal element that could take advantage of the situation. What people forget is that the criminal element doesn't care if it is legal or not. They don't follow laws. They were doing the same things even before the bathroom controversy even started. Wake up and smell the roses.

As far as crime in general, we all need to wake up and stop being the victim. Do something to stop it. Clean the mess up. Stop making the criminal a hero. Quit all the bs about "Oh, the poor victim of society! He/she has had such an underprivileged life", and "Oh no, it couldn't be my child! They would never do that! My child is an innocent sweetheart!"

Wake up! Yes, it IS your child doing these things. Your little angel while under your wing and in your eyesight may be an angel, but as soon as your back is turned is out there running in gangs, selling and using drugs, and stealing, robbing, raping, assaulting, and murdering people just because that's what they do. They're og gangstas, they are making names and reps for themselves. They are proud of being criminals. They have no respect for anything nor anybody, no.. not even their parents, and certainly not the law. They would as soon kill you as look at you, and with about the same thought or feeling about it.

People need to get off the crap and stop defending and condoning these actions. Get off with scrutinizing and microinspecting our legal system and let them do the job they are designed to do. Prosecute, sentence, and punish these criminals. Stop the crap rioting. Realize that yes, it was your child that assaulted that officer. Yes, it was your child that pointed that gun at that officer, fake or not, and forced him to make that instant decision to protect himself in that life or death situation.

America needs to wake up and start taking crime seriously, or we WILL be a country of fear... fear that any time we leave our homes, there will be any number of criminals hiding and waiting to take advantage of the easy target.

Wake up, before it is too late!

Anonymous said...

Another good read Bert. Thanks for all you do...Debi

Anonymous said...

Mr. Marshall, you just shocked so many of us with your “Social Change Has Nothing on Crime” column.

First, those of us against the “common” restroom are not comparing it to crime. That would be like comparing apples to, no – not oranges, but comparing apples to a picket fence. There is no comparison whatsoever.

There are too many types of crime – and one of those is child endangerment (or worse) which is exactly what a “common” restroom will yield. No parent or grandparent would want their 5 year old in a restroom with a person who is so mixed up in his mind that he might be a danger.

When we have only “Men” and “Women” restrooms, the only person in the restroom with you that you may have to watch is the gay person. He or she is an adult and you are on his level. And, generally, they are not interested in children unless they are perverted and that is not the norm for the gay person. I repeat, I said the norm.

But the transgender is on a different platform altogether. The child he “eyes” in the restroom is not on his level and is not safe. The transgender did not want to be the gender given at conception, so that tells me that something is amiss to begin with. And for your information, yes some transgenders are interested in adolescents and small children.

Ever hear the story of the transgender (a self-made male) who walked passed two transgender restrooms only to continue on to find a woman’s restroom and enter? That is true. It is very wrong to even think of subjecting a child to such.

You say “Americans get upset over things that don’t matter.” Well, sir, you must have left your common sense in a restroom stall somewhere because it matters very much. Otherwise why would a person of one sex want to use the restroom of the other? It must matter to him or her. Give this person his own restroom to share with the others of his kind and leave him out of the restrooms which are designed for “Men” and for “Women.”

If the transgender can go anywhere, why aren’t men allowed to go in the women’s restroom and vice versa?

The main reason: because it is unsafe. People were given a gender at conception. If they don’t like it and change it, then give them their own “Transgender” restroom. Don’t put them in our “Men” and “Women” restrooms simply because they are neither “man” nor “woman,” but a combination of both. Yes, I said combination, because there is no way man can create a human being to be completely a certain gender; that is strictly God’s work. Other than that statement, I won’t even touch on the Christianity side of this terrible issue. I will stick with the common sense side.

Judy Eudy


. . . . . said...

Ma'am, in all due respect, I believe you completely missed my point. Please re-read what I wrote.

It can only happen while shopping!

As the big man is my witness, every word of this is unquestionable and void of hyperbolic incredibility. With that taken into consid...