Thursday, August 24, 2017

Who are we going to hate this week?

If you are like me, you sit back every day and scratch what little bit of hair you still have (on your head) trying to figure out what the press is telling us. It appears 70% of the country is mad about something enough to stage a demonstration and maybe turn over a statue or two. I'm trying to figure out how so many people can schedule vacation at the same time to get off work so they can join in on the passion.

I'm mad too Eddie!  I think! But am I mad enough to get maced?  Am I mad enough to get educated on what I am mad about? Does it matter if I know what I am demonstrating about, because it appears to me it doesn't. Using the new rules, all I have to do is think someone doesn't see things the way I do and that is grounds for me to knock their block off, or key their car.

If I actually believe what passes as news reports these days, I am missing out on a happening.  Remember those?  I certainly don't want to miss out.  It appears it's now my civic duty to squash 1st amendment rights and get out there and make a difference because their opinion is so obviously wrong.  The end justifies the means has never been more relevant. Who gives a flip if you want to talk if my message is so righteous that only people like me deserve to be heard? On top of that, I have a literal axe to grind and your head is the target, you fascist, bigoted, misogynist, racist piggie!
Passionate violence is definitely allowed when the future of my vision of America is at stake. If a few heads have to roll to get the point across, so be it. Anything that offends my dogma, must be torn down and history be damned. We must cleanse our country of any and every vestige of what might possibly be offensive to even the smallest percentile of our population. To be truthful, we need to tear down just about every statue, carving, artwork, image, namesake, or memory that is racist and dang it, that encompasses the entire spectrum.  Tear it all down RIGHT NOW!

Whew!  I feel better and now I wonder what is left that isn't offensive. Wait a second, there has got to be more. I say we gather up a collective and begin to scour every book in every library and erase and discard (read burn) anything that falls into this heinous and offensive category. If we work really hard, we can do this in about 10 years. It's going to take a group effort and everyone will have to march stiff-legged in unison to wipe this disease from our society.

It will help if we can all wear the same brown shirts and conservatively... say 40% of us become watchdogs for the thought police to insure no one becomes subversive. That would be counter-productive to the movement and ultimately terroristic and racist. Racism will become the new word for terrorism and anything and everything bad will fall under it when it comes to pursuit by the law. Its only fitting, because there is nothing as horrible as believing your race is superior to another race - nothing. A person should be beaten for even thinking it. Its so disgusting to think that anyone would entertain any idea that isn't politically correct.

I envision a world free of anything offensive, where we all live in harmony and no one has individual thoughts that might offend someone. Wouldn't that be wonderful? We would be a one world government and a one world people, happily living in harmony. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Our current world rife with self-entitlement demands we get what we want, even if it destroys America as we know it and I am right there with that philosophy. I want what I want because I can't imagine a world where I can't get what I want. I have been spoon fed to this point and I am willing to go along with whatever the press says the state of affairs are. I don't have to think because the commentators explain everything to me. It's bliss multiplied. Who said pabulum tastes bad? I love the stuff! Can I have seconds?

If anyone questions why I believe what I hear, I've been supplied with stock answers and questions that reveal I am a party member and this is most comforting. If they come up with a devious question that circumvents my defense, all I have to do is scream racism! It's a wonderful and exciting time we are living in and I feel so much a part of the historic upheaval.

I can't even imagine that I am wrong, let alone listen to the opposite view.  Who will join me?


Anonymous said...

Charlie A Farrar: make it the 1, 2, 5 and 100 dollar bill, they are all slave owners. Send to me and I'll destroy them.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Marshall: When an organization that consumes everything in its path runs out of stuff to consume, it will turn upon itself. You can't trust a cannibal.

Anonymous said...

Dandy Don Cunningham‎: Bert, your column in The Baytown Sun was so correct, right on, thumbs up, a-ok, and everything else I could think of to say, "You are absolutely right!". We can dig hard enough on anyone and find something in their past that we could jump on. Even if it were Jesus Christ...He was guilty of love, something that seems to be in short supply nowadays. Keep 'me coming, brother!

Anonymous said...

Steve Jouette: Bert Marshall, if you really need help to understand whom we should hate, you are going to have to expand your fan base to low paid academia and 30 somethings still living in mommy's basement.

Anonymous said...

Lynnette Elder: Sounds like European history repeating itself in America. We all know how that ended. Or do we? What if history is wrong? What if it was just a bunch of lies? I mean, some already say the concentration camps were propaganda. Oh dear! I have to find something to protest. Help me, Bert!

Christopher Rincon: Nice read

Buddy D. Casto: Well said Sir!!!

James Connealy: As long as there is increasing numbers of mindless haters, we will never run short of mindless haters to loathe!

Gigi VaDonna: great read..made me think and that is what we all need to do...thanks

Anonymous said...

John Frock: Well done my friend! I started a column on “hate” a few days ago and how it’s promoted by the thriving left! Cheers

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