Sunday, December 30, 2018

Get behind the mule, or sit down.

I feel no sympathy for the Republican's who did not get behind the president and were voted out. Their stand to keep politician's positions sacred has been exposed as a strategic ploy that has failed them and the country. What voters want is to stop all the partisan fighting and start representing what is actually good for the country and until they realize this, they can all get voted out for all I care. We voters are like abused children watching their parents fight.

Only anarchists revel is disharmony and any voter who is foaming at the mouth over this president, should stop for a second and ask themselves one question; what has Donald Trump done that has personally made your life worse? Your life, not what some Iraqi politician or a Honduran illegal immigrant thinks or experienced. What has the President done to you personally to make you hate him? Has he made you lose your job like Reagan did to so many of us during Reaganomics?

Has Trump’s wife taken elaborate and expensive vacations on your tax dollar, like Michelle Obama did with her 28 person entourage? Does it irk you to the point you want to drive to Washington DC and protest because he didn’t take a paycheck in 2 years? If not, can you praise him for that unselfish act? Most assuredly not, because Trump haters would hate him even if he gave away hundred dollar bills from his own larder.

Trump is systematically undoing all the neck-choking regulations that has turned our country into a place where there were no jobs and no hope of getting them. The people who voted for him are seeing a politician actually attempting to fulfill their campaign promises and an opposing party that has flip-flopped on everything they wanted and all because it is now Trump who is pushing it. Bush, Clinton, and Obama all wanted a wall and an overhaul in border security, so what changed? Trump wants it, that’s what. If he wants vanilla ice cream, they automatically want strawberry.

Make no mistake, voters aren’t buying all this Trump-hating nonsense and the swamp still needs to be drained. The target is any politician that puts their own agenda ahead of what is best for the country. Call them Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian, if they don’t want what is best for America, vote them out in 2020. Politicians, you have 2 years to get your act in alignment with the American people.


Anonymous said...

Beachcityboy: Excellent Bert !

HILLCO: Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!

B Marshall: Your best write to date.

Dawn Doyle: I'm with Bruce. Objective documentation at it's best.

M Murphy: Your final point Bert is the most important...
However we already did this in 2018 and 2016 with the election of Donald j Trump...

P Oldham: People need to stand behind the good ones and move out the idle ones to pasture.

S Dyer: Our biggest problem is the liberal, whining, crying, lying, critical media! They refuse to report anything good that President Trump has accomplished. They don’t even report the news anymore only things that fit their agenda!

Anonymous said...

Terri Baker: (Shared on Facebook)My friend and patriot Bert Marshall has common sense. That is not so common today.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis I love this and I am sharing it. Good work BB!

Rod Erskins I agree, though I’m not a great fan of some things he does

Jan Harris Gamble Agreed and proud we are related! Keep it up!! Gonna share.

Linda Polk Best article I have read in a very long time!!! Thank you, Bert!!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve Liles: Best date to write. Tomorrow we should see just how divided this nation is when the Dems take over the house. I can't imagine Nancy Pelosi being a speaker for this house either. She's not right in the head.

Gary A. Caviness: You are correct sir!! ✔

Steve McDaniel: I heard an economist state yesterday that the new jobs report will show a slow down in new jobs created. Not because the economy is slowing down, but because there are not enough able bodied Americans to fill the job positions, Think about that for a minute. Donald Trump's economy has created enough jobs to put every able bodied American to work who wants to work. We actually need legal immigrants in this country to fill job vacancies. You would think that would make the liberals happy right?

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