Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Is Border Security really all that?

I am not going to interpret their response to what the president said about Border Security, but to me it sounded as if they wrote their rebuttal without hearing what he said.

 I have an alarm system on my house. I also have 8 cameras plus a motion detector at my driveway that sends a signal when anything crosses the beam including squirrels and birds. I’ve became very well acquainted with a black and white long-haired cat because of this. Yesterday it caught and killed a baby squirrel and all of it caught on the edge of one of my camera views.

I have 4 sets of solar lights that are tripped by motion. I have a lock on my back gate. I have 2 very bright high pressure sodium lights that shine on the trail behind my house and illuminate my large back yard. At any given time I have access to a number of loaded weapons inside my house and regularly carry a firearm that shoots a heavy hollow-tipped bullet specifically designed to kill military targets. My perpetually loaded 12 gauge shotgun fires 9 triple-aught buckshot shells before I have to reload from my 50 shell bandoleer and yet, I do not live in fear of being attacked.

Why all this security which sounds overboard and unnecessary? Is there a caravan of ruffians on Massey Tompkins headed my way? Has karate training turned me into a paranoid schizoid gun-licking wannabe shooter who cleans his guns with saliva? No. I rarely even look at my weapons, which include a good number of fighting knives I’ve trained with

Here’s the crux of the matter. I have made all these precautions because I don’t want to worry. It’s the same reason that my house and vehicles stayed locked even when I am inside. If trouble arrives, my first action will be to call Baytown Police. If I am working on my computer and my alarm systems tells me a door or window has opened, I don’t panic. My heart does not raise a beat. I simply arm myself and take a look and I can assure you, I will respond in a defensive way if it is an intruder. I’ve spent a great deal of my life preparing for that moment and yet, if possible, I will still call 911. I live in peace with my environment, but in the event that everything hits the proverbial fan, I am well prepared to deal with it. It sure beats pretending it can’t or won’t happen and just maybe I will survive until my Blue brothers arrive.

I set all of this in motion for my own peace of mind and my family’s safety. Am I anti-social and unfriendly to strangers? No, I feel safe because I have made every attempt to be safe. When I am in public or driving around, I keep my eyes and mind on task and because of that, I have never had an accident I caused.

My home stays secure because my family is there and I am protective. There were no politics involved in my decision. Securing our border literally means creating a barrier. Can you imagine securing your house if you had no doors or windows? How about your car or truck that you have enslaved yourself financially to? Can you imagine how crazy that sounds? Let’s see what it looks like. “I believe in border security, but I want everyone to be able to waltz in at their leisure and everything will be okay.” Crazy and foolish.

Border security with a physical barrier ultimately says there will be a price to pay if you try to sneak in with or without drugs and children and women for sale. The price someone pays for breaking and entering my house (the last time I checked) could well mean the criminal trespasser(s) eat big lead. My family and I decide who enters our homestead, not anyone else. I have legal right to physically stop this person from entering and if it means I kill them, then so be it. Why are our borders any different? If they want what we have earned, then by all means enter legally and I have no sympathy for man, woman, or child that comes across unwanted and uninvited.

Examine why you believe what you do about securing our borders and if you think it is unnecessary, then I humbly ask you to unlock everything you own from this day forward and toss away your keys.



Anonymous said...

J Brieden-Andel: So good!!

Sam C: Unfortunately, the cartoon doesn’t represent reality. It represents what the liberal leaders want their minions to believe.

Cliff M: Sounds like you got it under control

T Harvey-Jones I've gotta share... I know a lot of people who just dont get this logical way of thinking...

Anonymous said...

Bruce M: A wall doesn't say, "Keep Out," a wall says, "Use the door."

Anonymous said...

T Hall: Very well said.

Anonymous said...

Hillco: I hear you and agree that the borders need to be secure and LOCKED.

BUT, if over the years, if you had invited people to to enter your home because they are related, or to help you do a specific job, or to help them overcome a temporary hardship and then supported them and allowed them to just stay without contributing anything or learning anything and told them that they have a right to have everything you have and are your equal in every respect, it will be difficult to close the gates.

At this point in time, I ask ----------- Will we be keeping the wolves out, or locking them in?

Either way we need to do it NOW.

Anonymous said...

BERT, Great article, today! 1-11-19

Anonymous said...

T Hall: Very well said.

S Dyer: Well said, I know a lot of people that don’t agree, till they have been victimized. Last summer my husbands pickup was stolen out of our driveway, which is well light, with our dogs and the neighbors dogs not making a peep! That was how quick and quietly they took a locked vehicle, luckily a 14 yr. old low-jack paid for itself, sheriff called around 11 am they found it before it was stripped, so for the ones that think it doesn’t happen, dream on!

Anonymous said...

CK Erb: Applause emoji

P Morris: Well said and true. I will share for some of my more liberal friends who just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

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