Friday, July 12, 2019

Give Me The Cage Anytime!

Typical caged conditions of border crossers, minus crying babies, as depicted by the media.

In this country, people who love tennis are forced against their will to play inside a cage.  Conditions can be brutal in the Texas humidity and heat and often debris must be cleared from the cage in order to use the facility.

I worked inside a cage for almost 40 years in the Chemical Plant industry and they wouldn't let me leave when I wanted and rarely fed us and acted like they were expecting something in return! When they did feed us, you would think it was amazing by the way they acted, but a lot of times we had to stand in lines and stuff -  just terrible. Showers were available, but they kept me busy enough I never really had time to take one. It was awful.

The reality is the "cages" on the border look nothing like what people envision when the slanted news coverage appears.

Bamboo Cage used to hold prisoners.

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