Monday, March 20, 2006

Collecting a rebate or warranty service

Dell Computers - forget ever collecting a rebate from this company. My Laptop with a $100 rebate took one year and THAT was after many phone calls.

Dell acknowleged next rebate received 12-22-06. I am now in my 3rd month on 2 Dell DJ MP3 players ($50 rebate each). After the 3rd session, I was given more case numbers and told to wait 6 weeks for my rebate.

*Rebate received after 13 weeks. Case closed.


Philips Electronics - Sent DVD player in 1-21-06, item acknowledged received 2-7-06 and completed 2-15-06. 3-6-06 called Philips and was told I'd receive the item 3-15-06 (one month after repair/replacement). 3-20-06 called Philips when item did not come in and was given new case number and told to wait 2 business days so they could check it out.

*New DVD player received (upgraded model) 4-09-06 Case closed.


Bottom line is both companies have historically offered very high quality products. It appears their plan is to stall until the customer gives up. So save all receipts and correspondence, you will need it.

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