Sunday, March 05, 2006

Muslims challenge noise ordinance in USA

In Hamtramck Michigan, Muslims challenged the city noise ordinance to exempt their mosque so they could use a loudspeaker to call Muslims to pray 5 times a day...and WON! This was in 2004 and what was once a Polish-Catholic community has become one the largest concentration of Muslims in the state of Michigan.

This area is now a hotbed of violence due to anti-Muslim whiplash.

My question is this:

Based on the probability that Muslims around the country are also petitioning their cities for the same noise ordinance exemption, will you support it in the name of freedom of religion when it comes to your town?

It's something you had better decide on and vote or write your local government and let them know how you feel. I personally think 'freedom of religion' in this country does not include one religion demanding that everyone be subject to their religion's creeds. I also think 'freedom of religion' means that I don't have to acknowledge a religion I personally think is corrupt. I think my First Ammendment right to say that is also without questioning. If the church next door decides to burn car tires as an offering to their God, I shouldn't have to be subject to the smoke.

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