Monday, March 27, 2006

Disrupting dead servicemen's funerals- in the name of Jesus?

Unfortunately, s small group of religious fanatics have decided the best way to denounce our country's policies in Iraq, is to show up at dead soldiers (et al) funerals and protest.

It's in extreme poor taste and crass, ignorant, and a whole bunch of other mean and nasty things, as Arlo would say.

There is a motorcycle organization that is countering it to show support for the families. They are called the “Patriot Guard Riders." I don’t own a MC, or I would ride. If I hear of a G.I.’s funeral in this area, I will attend to show support to the family. It has nothing to do with support of our government’s policies. Blame the government, not the soldier

I hope folks hold onto their tempers. My brother and I were at Wesley Riggs memorial in Beach City the day they dedicated a flag pole and plaque to the young soldier. We would not have taken too kindly to someone trying to disrupt it and that's the plain truth.

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