Monday, May 15, 2006

Illegal Immigration and Military Enforcement

I am dead-set against using our military to enforce our borders, Guard, Reserve, or Active, unless it is for training purposes and only training. It scares me to think we will have active military running all over our borders with machine guns. What could easily happen next is local stations with Marines and soldiers…to protect us.

If our country is so insecure against terrorists/illegal immigrants, then let’s beef up our police force/ border patrol and spend some of this giveaway American tax money (that goes to buy loyalty in far away countries) on State and City police (federal government grants). This will create jobs on a local level and bolster the economy.

Historically, military use inside a country has had devastating results. We have a military governed by civil authority and we need to use our military to protect this country from outside our borders. Hitler started off purging his country of enemies (terrorists) and then folks that shouldn’t be there (illegals), and when he had full control, he took over.

The Ottoman Empire at its apex created bodyguards from slaves, teaching them as small children to protect their leaders. They became very proficient and their ranks grew as the need for them multiplied. Eventually they became so strong, they took over the empire by force and here’s the kicker…they ruled for 300 years!

I love the fact that America has the strongest military in the world and I do believe our enemies should fear our wrath. I just think our military should be used against our enemies and to enforce our government’s decisions...not to stand around in our airports and street corners like we are under martial law.

Illegal immigration down here on my level hasn’t affected the way I live one iota. Not one iota. I refuse to get all up in arms over something that I have no control over. The reason illegals are here, for the most part is they will work for very little money and if you try to find someone to do a job for you, they want a hundred dollars for 15 minutes work.

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