Monday, August 09, 2010

Pelly Park on Main Street Pump Jack

I was in Pelly Park on Main Street the other day and there is a derelict pump jack in this park that I suspect is a safety hazard. It is partially dismantled, the fence is down and I am assuming it would be a magnet for an accident. What can be done to get this thing removed and who is the responsible party?

I have no idea how this pump jack could have missed the attention of our city councilman and staff.  I have appealed to City Councilman Scott Sheley and the city officials for rectification.

First reply:
Bert, Thanks for raising the concern. This oil field equipment which is on private property falls under primary regulation by the Texas Railroad Commission. Oil field regulations are coordinated by Fire Marshal Bernard Olive. We have asked Chief Olive to check the site and coordinate with the RRC to get it properly secured or preferably removed and cleaned up. We have also involved our Health Department from a care-of-premises/safety perspective. We will keep you apprised of our progress.  Thanks again.

Bob Leiper
Deputy City Manager
City of Baytown, TX

Second reply:
Bert thanks for reporting this to us, citizens like yourself help us catch things like this. I take pride in my district and OUR wonderful community. It's people like you who care though that report things that make it happen that much faster. Your closing line is harsh Bert and I want you to know that I can't see and do all things but when citizens help me I welcome their help and usually get it reported immediately, thanks for the concern about the safety issue.
Scott Sheley
Councilman District 2

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