Monday, August 16, 2010

Baytown Bark Park watch - updater

Hiya -- I ran across your GeoCache blog when searching for some GPS info. That led me to your Blog where I came across your notes about the Baytown Bark Park. Which led me to stopping for a few minutes while at work to write this note--

Quick thanks for taking time to fiddle wihth our City officials about the Bark Park. We get out there several times a week with our Boxer pup, Jaxon when weather and water levels permit.

Ron & Robin
I am not finished yet with this park and others. Although Scott Johnson does a great job overseeing the parks, our city has a sad history of not keeping improvements up to the initial standards. Plus, each season brings new challenges and commitments for the city and those things take up resources.  I understand all of this and am patient.

I want to see for myself the spray schedule for fleas and I want it posted outside the park at least quarterly.  I also want the trails raised so they do not flood and some sort of irrigation system to make sure the trees grow.

I am hoping and praying lighting will be installed inside the dog park.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

I would appreciate it if you and yours send me email when you see anything of interest.

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