Friday, August 06, 2010

Wismer Drive Eyesore resolved!

From Mike Lester via Garry Brumback:
I conducted an “on-site” inspection this morning with Gerardo Ruiz, Storm Water Phase II Coordinator and Manuel Razo, Street Maintenance Supervisor, the following is what was determined during the inspection.

Location: Wismer Road from Old Alexander to HWY 146:

 -  Approximately half way down on the ‘west’ side of Wismer the retaining wall for the Retention Pond (on private property) has failed and the pond has drained into the road side drainage (water is about 3-5 feet deep)

- Approximately 2/3 of the way down on the ‘east’ side of Wismer is the “Dead Zone” area reported by Mr. Marshall, this area routinely holds water and periodically receives complaints concerning standing water, pollution and poor drainage

- At the intersection of Wismer / Hwy 146 on the ‘west’ side the road side drainage ditch has been “dammed” by beavers, this has caused the water in the road side ditch to hold the 3-5 feet of water depth and subsequently causing the water to ‘backflow’ through the underground drainage pipe to the ‘east’ side “Dead Zone” elevating the water depth to about 6 to 18 inches, this pond area is supporting minnows, frogs, at least one 5 foot snake and a couple of turtles, this aquatic life would be considered natural mosquito control and was confirmed by no indication of mosquito larvae or pupae alone the side of the pond area

- there are at least two beavers involved and they are probably residing in both the ‘retention pond’ area and the “Dead Zone” area based on food sources

- Please note that the beavers would not dam the area if the water or the area was ‘polluted’ the animals are very particular with their environment
-Planned action to resolve the immediate standing water issue and provide a long term solution to the drainage in the area:

- the beaver dam will be removed today (Friday, 08/06/10) by Public Works crews with a backhoe, this will allow the area to drain

- the retaining wall on the road side ditch will be repaired with reserve riprap by PW crews next week to insure the integrity of the road side drainage ditch

- the ‘west side’ road side drainage will be reviewed and maintained (cleaned up) as necessary next week by PW

- the ‘east side’ drainage will be improved in the area of the ”Dead Zone” to insure the area will properly drain to the drainage inlets in the future.

Again the area is a natural water holding area and the dead trees are indicative of both long term standing water and salt water poisoning from years past.  The Health Dept. has had a number of complaints over the last 10 years related to the Oil Company located near Old Alexander and Wismer but to date has never been able to confirm any releases that would have impacted the above area.

 Please advise if additional information is needed or if additional action should be taken.

 Also note that the quick actions to resolve this issue is being done by the Public Works Dept. thanks to Daryl’s “Get it done” philosophy.

 -  Thank you city of Baytown!


Anonymous said...

Bert, I agree with you about the eyesore on Wismer.

When I drove by there 3 months ago, I noticed the property looked exactly the way you described it, a cross between a hazardous waste dump and a dead swamp.

Live swamps are actually good things, but that swamp looks fatal - no birds, egrets, ducks or roseate spoonbills, etc., scooping up abundant swamp food to eat.

David McCartney is a great council member. I am confident he'll take care of this.

Thanks. Alan Hudgins

Baytown Bert said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Well that all happened so fast it makes me really proud Bert got the Mayor and all the top Brass responding. Some folks really care about our City and we can be thankful we all have the right to demand accountability. Resources like Berts Blog seems to work well.
Glad I follow this blog,
Thanks Bert

Baytown Bert said...

Funny how David McCartney is the one person who has not responded at all. I'm glad you have confidence in him. My last coorespondence with him he explained that I was in over my head annd city affairs were better left to people who had inside knowledge (in so many words).

Baytown Bert said...

June 2, 2010 From Mr. McCartney to me: "I appreciate your concern Bert, but the vast majority of citizens have no material knowledge of what has and does transpire behind the scenes that would enable you or anyone else to make a qualified decision concerning this matter."

Anonymous said...

Now I wonder if the damage can be reversed and stuff can start "growing" there again. Is the salt content in the ground still to much for trees or grass to grown there..perhaps its time for the citizens to donate some trees for the area and get em planted down there.
Brian C said...

Mr McCartney, my councilman, needs an opportunity to explain about the "behind the scenes" comment.

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