Sunday, April 10, 2011

My New Jeep Is In The Driveway!

Well folks, River Oaks Jeep sold me a Jeep cheaper by a mile in fact, than I could get it locally, so that is who got my business.  I really really wanted to buy it in Baytown, but business is business, or the lack there of.

This thing is awesome!  I do believe this Jeep is capable of everything my lifted and locked 97 Wrangler could do, except I had an additional traction device installed on my TJ and this one has an open differential in the front (I’ll upgrade that in the future with a Detroit TrueTrac).

My new Jeep has 3.73 gears, which with my auto tranny and torque-converter is the equivalent of a manual stick and 4.11’s.  Don’t feel alone if this tech talk goes past you, just suffice it to say that it is geared for off-road in Texas for the most part and can still roll on the highway as a daily driver.  I know from experience that I can run everything with this set-up, from the beaches to the logging roads with ease.

I had to have the beefy Dana 44 rear-end with TracLoc, which since 1997 has been built even beefier that my unbreakable 1997 TJ Dana 44, but stronger is better.  The Jeep I picked out pretty much fit my options list with a couple of exceptions.  It had “tubular side steps”, which look functional, but I’m told they fail miserably when you drop the Jeep on a rock or log, so I didn’t want them and asked if they would remove them.  I planned to buy a set of “Rock Rails” and install them for rocker panel protection, but the dealership called back and asked if I would take a set of Wrangler Rubicon rock rails in exchange!

Heck yes I would.

The Jeep came with a $500.00 side air bag option and although I would rather spend that on the upgraded sound system, I decided I couldn’t remove the air bag option, or add the factory upgraded sound, so I looked the other way on these options.  I can add a small subwoofer and amp later – but, the Jeep has Sirius radio and a one year subscription and yes, it is super nice.  I might have to renew this plan at the end of the year.

My Jeep has a removable 3 piece hardtop and the front panels come off with ease.  The larger back portion and window will take 2 people if I want to remove it.  I opted for the giant 32” tires and this baby is about 6 feet high at the top.  Inside it is real nice with tons of Rand D by the Jeep people to make this 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, the best thought-out and planned version since 1941. I've already got a name for it thanks to Arnold - The Choppa!  "Get to the choppaaaa"!


PellyRat said...

i had similar run-in with this dealership in 2008. my wife wanted a charger and i wanted a ram p/u...suffice to say, we bought 2 vehicles at clear lake dodge and got a much better deal..with a lot less attitide.

Chad T said...

I'm suprised that in this economy any dealership would turn their back on business.

Natalie said...

Pretty cool, Bert! I'll race 'ya in my new car ;)BTW...saw an alarm clock today that awakens with the smell of BACON...LOL! Immediately thought of you!

Jeep Suspension Lift Kits said...

The blue Jeep looks nice. Am impressed Jeep cheaper by a mile not a bad deal at all. 4 door Jeep is good for a family and you can also consider a ride with friends.

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