Friday, April 15, 2011

Nawlin's in a Beignut Shell!

My bride and I took a much needed break from our routines and spent 4 days in the French Quarter, in New Orleans and man, the food was crazy delicious!  Neither one of us is a nightlife person, so we did some tours, visited one of NO's famous graveyards, saw an IMAX, walked and walked and ate and ate.  Here are a few photos of our trip for your viewing pleasure.

My breakfast in New Orleans - biscuits, poached eggs, grits, gravy & chicken livers!  The Old coffee Pot restaurant! Delish!
BB and Living Statue "Femora" at Jackson Square in New Orleans
BB and the absolutely silent "Silver man". I dropped a buck in his bucket and posed. Even though I made small talk, he was totally mute. He looked like "Mr. Natural" to me, from the underground comics.
 BB at the tomb of the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau in St. Louis cemetery.  I didn't feel a dang thing.
I ham it up with 3 Egyptian cabbies in front of hotel Maison Dupuy.  I asked them to smile and the fellow on the right made a funny noise instead.  We shared salted nuts and laughs.
 My bride and I took the Honey Island Swamp tour in Slidell.  The gators were delicious with mustard!!! I had 2 whole ones!
 At Cafe Fleur De Lis, I had the most delicious crawfish omelet.  Sounds disgusting, but just the opposite. My bride had the convention, but after tasting mine, she agreed it was a great combo. the price was very low also!
At the WW2 War Museum, my bride reads about the bloody battle of Biak,  where her humble Dad was stationed.  He told me one time that "the Japs strafed them every day".  Other than that, he never talked about it. R.I.P. Willard Reneau.
Go no further than Deanie's Seafood for awesome delectable shrimp and crawfish!  I had crawfish ettouffee and friend crawfish!
We went to the IMAX on the Mississippi river and listened to a  Hollywood movie star tell us how we are destroying all the water on earth!  I laughed all the way through it! Thank heaven for Hollywood!
BB over-doses on beignuts and tubas at Cafe Du Monde!

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