Saturday, February 04, 2012

Day Trip to Brazos Bend State Park

I don't even know where to begin. My Bride and I have decided we are going to start spending a lot more time together doing things we should have never stopped doing. Make sense? This does not include watching American idol while holding hands and singing kum-by-uh, or whatever that song was called.

I have a Jeep, kayak, and mountain bikes. We have a 9X17 foot tent and camp stove. I have 3 GPSr units. Heckfire, we can go and see and do. All we have to do…is do. This past Thursday, I took my newly acquired $70 Texas Park pass to Brazos Bend State Park with my bride and a protein-lovers picnic lunch and rode the trails. Well, we tried to ride the trails. More on that in a minute.
I loaded the geocaches in the park into my Garmin Oregon 450 and with my Bride's blessing, found 16 and all 16 were off the trail in the woods. To put it bluntly, I earned each one of them. She even came with me a few times and made the profound observation of: "I just don't see the fascination." I answered with, "Hey! There's another one 489 feet that way!"
You can tell by the photographs that I enjoyed each and every cache I found. The last 5 years I've been going to this park it's been so dry, it looked almost like the park was dying, but not this past Thursday. the trails I've hiked on foot were muddy and we rode, or tried to ride up the Big Creek Loop Trail only to have the brake calipers get clogged with mud, small rocks, and leaves.

We had to stop many times while I cleaned them off enough to ride. It was cloudy and a bit rainy, but we wouldn't let this stop us from enjoying the day. We saw many alligators and coots, egrets, herons, and some whistling ducks, but nothing like what will be in the park in 2 months. Brazos Bend State Park has more wildlife in it than you will see the rest of the year any place else.

We chatted with a retired school teacher from Canada then ate cheese, apples, and peanuts to refresh ourselves. Then my bride led me on a 3 mile hike on the White Oak Trail! I grabbed as many geocaches along the way as was acceptable to her. Noting her patience was nearing an end; I finally gave in and just hiked.  What a great start for the years adventures. We have a 3 day camping reservation in April for Pedernales Falls State park, one of my favorite parks and I am anticipating a great time there as well.

See more of the PARK HERE! 

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