Friday, February 17, 2012

Dying Trees Felled In WL Jenkins Park!

Big trees are down all along the Jenkins Park gravel well-traveled trail which connects WL Jenkins Park with JC Hollaway Park.  They were dead due to the drought and marked in the same hot pink color which for the last few years has brought folks together to fight breast cancer.  In the case of the trees, the bright color meant just the opposite.  Doomed to the earth.  I love this park and hate to see it defoliated.

They lay everywhere like fallen sentinels and the skyline and buildings outside the park - which were recently hidden from view, are now obscenely exposed.  At least that is the way I view it and I am sure others who daily use this refuge from concrete and asphalt are equally dismayed.
I understand only the trees, which could fall across the path, were aggressively chain-sawed down.  I know it and understand the reasons behind it and I applaud the Parks Department for being proactive.  We have very good parks and Scott Johnson should be applauded for keeping them up.  You can't go too one of our parks without seeing city workers doing maintenance.

Two weeks ago I wanted to follow the chain-saw gang around, but didn't want to pass the "Keep Out!  Men at Work!" barricades.  They were felling trees and with each crashing sound, I envisioned an Ent soul ascending toward the heavens.  Maybe Fangorn was in there somewhere - who will ever know?   I had to wait until today to see the damage, as I worked a long string of 12-hour days at the Plant where I live most of the time.

As of today, the plan is:  "Those that can be moved easily near the trail will be removed.  Those deep in the woods will be left in place to let nature do its thing."  Personally, I would like to see some seedlings going in as soon as possible, but there is no plan at this time to replace the fallen majestic pines of Jenkins Park..


Baytown Bert said...

Bert-I will ask Parks to replant; if necessary, we might start a public project to raise funds to reforest …..SDC.

Baytown Bert said...

The mayor of Baytown is going to initiate a move to replant trees in Jenkins Park and I suggested we get a group of volunteers to help.

Baytown Bert said...

Very nice article, as always :) HC

Anonymous said...

Bert-I’ve talked Exxon into ponying up $5,000 for trees for the Raccoon/Jenkins Trail. The intent is to plant them on Arbor Day, the 27th. I might need for you to round up a little help for Parks and Rec and Exxon employees in planting the trees. Can you help? I’ll know for sure tomorrow…..Steve DC.

Tree Service New York said...

Its good that they're felling dead trees and not ones that have good health, too many towns are doing that for land clearing. Its good in the sense that they're taking them down now, to prevent any hazard in the future. A tragedy would ensue if a dead tree were to kill a man there.

-Carlos Hernandez

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