Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baytown Remembers Fallen Texas Heroes 2012

Baytown Remembers Fallen Texas Heroes Click the link to see the slideshow of photographs from the giant fund raiser on Texas avenue for the Portrait of a Warrior gallery, on May 19, 2012. It is going to be a yearly event and was attended by many of hundreds of people, including Major General Jimmie J. Wells.
At least 5 photographers submitted photographs for the slide show and many are part of the wonderful group from the Baytown Photo Club. I am especially grateful to Ren Fitts for the use of his photographs and his constant vigil over veteran's rights,
Also in attendance were Mayor Stephen DonCarlos, City Manager Bob Lieper, State Representative Wayne Smith, Military recruiters, pencil artist Jim McDonnel,Sammy Mahan, Organizer extraordinaire Joni Kelton, Kevin Troller, Justice of the Peace Don Coffey, Professor John Britt, Conrad Garcia Jr., Liz Caldwell, Jane Lee, Elke Meyers, Byrd Reed, Deb Robinson, Janet Albright, Gary Erwin, Richard Hardy, LOST Inc, and of course, Ken "the Dauber Pridgeon.

Ken is painting each and every fallen warrior from Texas who died as a result of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the war in Afghanistan.
Many of us were brought to tears listening to Jimmy Smith, father of Jeremy Smith talk about his fallen son and how Ken's artwork has allowed him to deal with it.
Texas Avenue is rapidly becoming the go-to place in Baytown for venues such as this one and I am sure time will prove the renovation costs have been well spent. I talked in length with city councilman Scott Sheley concerning this and he assures me it is a very big positive for Baytown. Many people were personaly involved in making this happen, but I think it would only be fair to throw a big high-5 to Joni Kelton for her part as the MC.  If you don't know that name, you will.  She like Ken and so many others are what make Baytown, Baytown.

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