Thursday, May 31, 2012

WL Jenkins Park Wish List

WL Jenkins Park - The Bark Park - Skate Park - JC Holloway Park

One of my favorite things to do is walk with my bride and doggies in WL Jenkins Park and the Bark Park.  It's a wonderful place and is used heavily by people exercising, walking their dogs, and running.  I sent this request list to the Parks Superintendent, Scott Johnson this morning:

1.  Probably 5 times a week, my wife and I walk on the trails in Jenkins Park.  Often we carry trash a long ways before we can deposit it in one of the trash cans.  Would the city consider placing a few cans on the trail in the interior of the park along the trail connecting the two parks (JC Hollaway Park)?  I think more people would help keep the park clean if there are more cans.
A speckled King Snake crawls across the trail.  It is harmless.

2. One of the pine trees inside the small dog park needs back-fill around the roots, or the tree will probably die.  There may be others, especially since so many new trees have been planted.

3.  There are large number of cigarette butts, and small debris on the trail behind the skate park, making it look trashy.
Here are the fast results!

4.  The old water fountain stub-out by the bathroom is a tripping/knee gouge hazard.
The stub-out which needs attention.
David Lee at WL Jenkins Park

While we were there, we ran into a friend, the honorable David Lee!  David ran unsuccessfully for City Councilman, but he would be a good one.  We had a real good visit talking about the city and the future expansion of Baker Road and the effect it would have on Crockett Park.


Anonymous said...

1. Park map at Holloway has graffiti on it and it has been that way for months

2. Also a kayak launch at Holloway would be nice. ZB

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bert, we’ll get this to the troops. Scott Johnson

Baytown Bert said...

Another great idea that came in yesterday is to build a kayak ramp on Cary Bayou at JC Holloway Park.

It can only happen while shopping!

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