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Councilman Bob Hoskins - Unified Land Development Code

Good Evening Bert, I hope this has been a great weekend for you and your family. My wife and I recently enjoyed visiting with our Daughter who is attending UT at Austin and then we ran over to San Antonio to visit with our Son and his family. So its been a busy week for us.

Unified Land Development Code

I wanted to send you some thoughts on the Unified Land Development Code that the Baytown City Council passed this past Thursday. The Council voted to approve the ordinance that will repeal the Chapter 130 "Zoning" of the Baytown Code of Ordinances and adopted the new Zoning Regulations to be included in the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC). This has been in the works for over two years by a comprehensive committee of Citizens and Community leaders. They had an overwhelming task put before them and the outcome with this ULDC will set a higher standard for the profile and aesthetics of our City. Not only does this ULDC address future buildings (commercial and/or residential…

Baytown Embraces Masonry Construction Trend

Texas Masonry Council: Baytown Embraces Masonry Construction Trend; New Requirements Aim to Boost Long-Term Value The Baytown, TX City Council has approved this Houston-area city’s first-ever masonry requirements, as part of a strategy to enhance the refinery town’s tax base, image, and quality of life. Baytown joins a growing list of more than 150 Texas cities that have incorporated exterior masonry construction requirements into community planning, according to the Texas Masonry Council.  Baytown, TX (PRWEB) February 27, 2012 The Baytown, TX City Council has approved this Houston-area city’s first-ever masonry requirements, as part of a strategy to enhance the refinery town’s tax base, image, and quality of life, notes the Texas Masonry Council, which advocates masonry planning as a strategy for sustainable development.

The masonry requirements for both new commercial and residential construction are included in the city’s new Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), whic…

Baytown's Mayor Don Carlos 2-23-12

Baytown, Texas Gator Ride Is A BP MS 150 Recommended Ride!

The 23rd year of theBaytown Family YMCA Gator Ride has changed for the better! The Gator Ride is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 2012.
Our ride site is located across the street from Bicentennial Park located at 119 Lee Drive. We have the 62 and 43 mile rides that go over the Fred Hartman Bridge, and the 51 and 33 mile rides which do not go over the bridge. We also have the Lisa Guy Memorial Family Ride for all ages which is 6.2 miles.  Please click on the tabs above and receive more information plus pictures from last year's ride.

7:30 am - 62 mile ride starts
8:00 am - 51 and 33 mile rides start
8:30 am - 43 mile ride starts 9:00 am - 6.2 mile Lisa Guy Memorial Ride starts

After your ride, stay and enjoy activities at the Start/Finish line. The Start/Finish Line is across from Bicentennial Park located at 119 Lee Drive, Baytown, TX 77520.

Register online for the 2012 Gator Ride Download the registration form for the 2012 Gator Ride!
Questions? Call 281-427-1797
Gator Ride

Dying Trees Felled In WL Jenkins Park!

Big trees are down all along the Jenkins Park gravel well-traveled trail which connects WL Jenkins Park with JC Hollaway Park.They were dead due to the drought and marked in the same hot pink color which for the last few years has brought folks together to fight breast cancer.In the case of the trees, the bright color meant just the opposite.  Doomed to the earth.  I love this park and hate to see it defoliated.
They lay everywhere like fallen sentinels and the skyline and buildings outside the park - which were recently hidden from view, are now obscenely exposed.At least that is the way I view it and I am sure others who daily use this refuge from concrete and asphalt are equally dismayed. I understand only the trees, which could fall across the path, were aggressively chain-sawed down.I know it and understand the reasons behind it and I applaud the Parks Department for being proactive.  We have very good parks and Scott Johnson should be applauded for keeping them up.  You can'…

Michael Sievers Refinishing Guitars in Baytown, Texas!

My son in law is quite the guitarist and he decided to refinish 3 of his electric guitars.  I thought I would watch and learn.  His name is Michael Sievers and his email address is:  Msievers09 AT  Substitute the AT with an @ and that's it.
I am always amazed when I can see what some people can do.  I pretty much repair computers and shun manual labor as much as possible.  The white one hanging in the background is a Fender Stratocaster.

Troy Houston - Chris Robinson - Where Are You Now?

My Bride received this one dollar bill in change and I wonder what the story is on it? Troy Houston - Chris Robinson - Where Are You Now? .

Uptown Dining for Valentines Day - The Red Fox!

I am a fan on Facebook of the Red Fox and friends with the owner, Linda Stewart, so when I received an online notification that her restaurant - The Red Fox on Texas Avenue was sending out reservation invites for a romantic dinner on Valentines Day, I jumped at the chance to do something, well... right.

I'm a romantic at heart, but somewhere out there, I just have trouble implementing my feelings.  All week long I kept telling myself I would stop and buy a card on my way home from work and since I was working six-12's, I kept putting it off, thinking I would do it the next day.
My bride and I have been married non-stop going on 35 years and she still sends me - to work real often and I love her more than I probably realize, so I want her to know this, but alas, the card slipped out of my mind and I clean forgot about it until I awoke Valentines Day and there in front of the coffee pot is her card and a box of chocolates for me (that's a long sentence but it's 3am).  …

Day Trip to Brazos Bend State Park

I don't even know where to begin. My Bride and I have decided we are going to start spending a lot more time together doing things we should have never stopped doing. Make sense? This does not include watching American idol while holding hands and singing kum-by-uh, or whatever that song was called.

I have a Jeep, kayak, and mountain bikes. We have a 9X17 foot tent and camp stove. I have 3 GPSr units. Heckfire, we can go and see and do. All we have to do…is do. This past Thursday, I took my newly acquired $70 Texas Park pass to Brazos Bend State Park with my bride and a protein-lovers picnic lunch and rode the trails. Well, we tried to ride the trails. More on that in a minute.
I loaded the geocaches in the park into my Garmin Oregon 450 and with my Bride's blessing, found 16 and all 16 were off the trail in the woods. To put it bluntly, I earned each one of them. She even came with me a few times and made the profound observation of: "I just don't see …