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Concerning Kim Davis

Here is my understanding of what took place with Kim Davis and we share beliefs. She is Apostolic and I am Oneness Pentecostal- same-same.

She swore to perform her office, but when the law changed, she appealed to be allowed to let others in her office sign the paperwork, citing her beliefs. She was denied. The outcome was inevitable if she stuck to her guns - which she did.

The final outcome is what she originally asked for and that is what is so stupid about all of this.
I truly believe the people in power and in our court system are doing everything possible to bend over backwards to meet the demands of all the other religions, but doing the opposite if a fundamentalist Christian throws up a red flag.

Evidence is all over the place the way they force Islam down the throat of this country, trangenderism, or atheism while pushing anything resembling Christian teaching as unconstitutional, bigoted, racist, or ignorant.

The First aMendment right concerning religion is so obvious, I can't for the life of me understand how it can be interpreted ambiguously by our courts and politicians.


Anonymous said…
Patricia Herman: Amen
Anonymous said…
Jared Eikhoff: Everyone wants to be a martyr. Every one is doing it; it's the coolest.
Anonymous said…
Julee Denton: Being a martyr is very different than having the courage of your convictions. Martyrdom is seek attention; "poor me". The courage of your conviction requires you to stand for what you believe, regardless of the consequences.
Anonymous said…
Sandi White: This Nation made a Covenant with God, each individual has their own Covenant. She stood her ground, went to jail for her beliefs, Think that puts her in Conscientious Objector status, like the Quakers.
Anonymous said…
Laci Michelle: Oh Bert Marshall, you should have known better.
Anonymous said…
Jeannie Wood: What bothers me the most is that the U.S. Supreme Court decided that what the individual states had voted on regarding same-sex marriages didn't matter, and forced all the states to accept what they decided.
Anonymous said…
Mark Ritter: Anyone in favor of denying another human being their right to pursue happiness for any reason... Any reason... Is on the wrong side of history.

It wasn't all that long ago in the scheme of things that I would not have been allowed to marry my wife because she is Asian.

This situation is no different.

If you stand with Kim Davis you stand on the same side as other shameful scenes in history.

Look in the mirror. You are one of those people on the wrong side of history. Own it and live with it.
Anonymous said…
Chris Dean: She broke the law and went to jail? Problem?
Anonymous said…
Susan Ward: I wish our congressional leaders had the courage Kim Davis has. God bless her!!
Anonymous said…
Roy Rogers I agree with you Bert. Our laws are becoming lawless in there creation. Appears that a portion of our great country is intent on making a mockery of or making it illegal to follow beliefs that are Christian as documented in the Holy Bible.

Praying that folks will turn their hearts and minds from the chaos to loving God and Loving people. I do not intend nor do want to force my beliefs on others. Surely do not want to offend if I choose not to be a part of something that goes against what I believe.
Anonymous said…
Coritius Keith Broussard: All these things taking place have been written, that's something that we always have to remember and that our savior was persecuted and then killed for all... I'm the midst of chaos, immoralness and foolishness and idiocy... We know what the end of this story will be!

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