Friday, September 18, 2015

What if The Donald actually wins?

What if the impossible actually happens and Donald John Trump becomes President of the United States? Will this be the end of the America as we all know it? Will everything go to Hades in a hand basket? Will The Donald make us a laughing stock for the rest of the world because he’s not a dyed in the wool slippery politician?

If elected, will he continue the politically correct trend of neutralizing anything and everything that could/would/might offend even one person?  Under President Trump will we rename the White House to something less offensive? Will people start naming their baby boy and girl children Donald or John because gender shouldn’t be an issue? Will the gardening term “green thumb” be found to be racist?

If Trump runs the White House the way Chemical Engineers and accountants run Exxon-Mobil, it should work as far as our economy goes.  Albeit, it would hurt like the Dickens for a while as they jerked the economy around - but remember Reaganomics?  Folks hated Reagan back in 1982 for correcting the Jimmy Carter idea of what America should look like.  Sound familiar?  It should, because we are currently experiencing the downside of fuzzy planning.

There is no doubt Donald Trump is a financial wizard and frankly, our politicians on both sides of the fence has decimated our finances.  Our finances. They’ve promised to give away more money than we have and borrowed it to fulfill their promises.  Their solution hasn’t been sound either, as they’ve raised taxes to cover it. Why not just quit spending? That’s what my bride and I do when we don’t have extra cash.

It is as if they cannot see the obvious when almost the whole country is clamoring for them to stop spending. Ockham’s razor folks.  “In the absence of differences in predictive ability—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.”  In other words, stop spending and the problem will go away! 

Trump's big challenge would be to surround him with intelligent people and then let them do their jobs without a Jerry Jones attitude of micromanagement. This would be difficult for him and I’m sure it would stunt any cancerous growth in government… Wait, what did I just say?  Shoot, maybe that is the answer after all.

Franklin Roosevelt wanted Harry Truman for a VP because Old Harry was a nobody and FDR didn’t plan on giving him any leash at all.  After FDR died, cursin’ Harry stepped in and did what no one else would have believed possible – he won the war and ran the country and he did it pretty danged well.  Most people don’t know that before he got into politics and he owned a five and dime-size clothing store.

Maybe we need a non-professional politician in the number one seat.  Maybe it’s time to elect someone who will do what is good for the United States over openly placating and bowing to the whole world. Maybe it’s high time we voted in a person who Putin wonders what in the world they will do on almost anything. I do believe the spin machine has everyone believing we need to reelect the same old same old and rocking the boat with anything else is too scary to consider.

The Donald is promising to cut through the baloney and create jobs and this appeals to everyone who wants to work, regardless of race or creed. He’s not afraid to ad lib and doesn’t give a hoot about a script and most of us find this amazingly refreshing. The Blue and Red are scared to death of him, as neither group of professional politicians can control him and this is another big plus for us.

Like I’ve said in the past, anyone they can’t control they demonize. Will he make mistakes?  Sure. Is he scary and unpredictable?  Yup. Will other world leaders try to bully him?  Maybe once.

In the coming months, they will do everything they can to discredit Mr. Trump.  They will compare him to Dan Quayle and explain how out of touch he is with the reality of running a government. They will call him an airbag of smoke and a buffoon and all because he is a major threat to them.

The Donald might have started this as a joke, but it isn’t now and he’s not going away. He doesn’t need lobbyist dollars and won’t promise favors to anyone. Wow, what a concept in American politics! Our Country is a business and he’s a successful businessman. Nope, Donald Trump isn’t going to suddenly back down and hand off an endorsement.  He’s seriously running for President.


Anonymous said...

Dandy Don Cunningham
Another good column in The Baytown Sun this morning, brother. I don't know how the nominations and election will turn out, but I have to believe that it will be within the will of God. He knows what this country needs and in spite of what we may think, He knows the future and what is needed to make that future the best for us. I pray that Donald Trump is not about sensationalism but that he is about sincerity in making a change in the direction that this country is heading. I just pray that he will depend upon the Lord. If he does, he cannot go wrong. Thank you very much, Bert.

Anonymous said...

The real issue as I see it, is not would he be a good president. I believe he would be a great president and get reelected if he lives through the first four years. The issue: CAN he get elected.


Anonymous said...

Tracey Fuqua: Great article! Read it in the paper this morning.

Anonymous said...

Allyce Lankford: I for one am glad to see the Donald shaking political correctness up!!!

Anonymous said...

Darn good editorial. Unbiased. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

James Connealy: Good bit of supposition on your part. I feel there will be those that find serious fault with your logic, time will tell. By the way, I enjoyed the piece.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Pugh: awesome blog

Anonymous said...

SB: I hope he does get elected . . . for more than a dozen completely different reasons.

He isn't a politician . . . like Bert said about Truman.

He is as honest in his ideas as he can be . . . whether they will work or not, at this point doesn't matter, he really thinks they will and he will bust a gut trying to make it happen. I just hope he doesn't throw a rich boy fit if they don't.

If he can fix the economy he's my man and I'm not talking about foreign economy . . . MY economy!!! Get me back what I lost in the stock market 14 years ago in 2001 and the 10 years following. And for those of you who took another hit last month that is a sad reminder.

The Mexican Send Back Thing? He can't do it. I know he wants to, and I wish he could, but it's too late for that now.

Let's imagine looking into the future a year after we send all illegal Mexican families back to Mexico and Guatemala etc. to the poverty and squallar they grew up in.

Babies are dying of disease, starving . . . you get it. All because we sent their illegal parents back.

OMG!!!!! FOX News would shit a wildcat!

So . . . I can't go on 'cause I'm not that smart.

I want him to win. Why? I don't know. He has stupid hair. But it's interesting to watch him answer questions in the nontraditional nonpolitical way.

Anonymous said...

FU: It is going to be an interesting election year and the state of our great God blessed nation is in the balance.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Dykehouse: I like that dude. I dont want my President being a nice guy. We need an a$$hole that is going to let the rest of the world know we arent negotiating. I am sick and tired of every country in the world using the good ole stars and stripes for profit but wants to ridicule it when we want something in return. If you want to get an economy going Reagan's supply side economics is good..make it easier to move goods and easier to invest in capital..the only problem is if the market crashes there is no safety net.

Anonymous said...

Beth McFadden: I hope not...but we have to vote republican..
I just got my first check with our new insurance premiums coming out, and I have a net loss of 400.00 per month... crappola, guess I am looking for another part-time job, or something.

It can only happen while shopping!

As the big man is my witness, every word of this is unquestionable and void of hyperbolic incredibility. With that taken into consid...