Friday, September 25, 2015

Current events should baffle the educated

I am a news addict and I’m a progressive/conservative/libertarian voter. By this I mean I vote what I think is best regardless of which party is pushing which agenda. If you read my columns, you have figured this out. I am not for the far Right and I sure as heck ain’t for the far Left. I look at how these professional politicians have voted, not what comes out of their mouth.

Mrs. Clinton, who astoundedly has did most everything wrong, now comes out against something that would create thousands of jobs. She was vaguely for it until now. The Labor unions even endorse it. It’s the Keystone Pipeline and it would put money in the pockets of many Texans and food on their table. Now before you jump all over this, look back on the feet dragging for Alaska Pipeline fiasco that made us dependent on OPEC oil.

In his book “Fundamentals of the Petroleum Industry”, Robert O. Anderson, the wild-cat oil man who formed ARCO Chemical Company explained how environmentalists screamed foul and all of it was as hollow as a corn-cob pipe stem. The environmental evisceration carbon footprint simply did not pan out and we went through 45 plus years of Saudi dominance because we failed to build it immediately missing the opportunity.

Sure, we built it… ten years later. Environmentalists screamed to high heaven about how the herd animals would not walk under the pipeline, so every so often a giant expansion joint was added so they could cross. Guess what? They walked under all of it. While everything was at a halt awaiting legal finagling, which lasted years, the thousands of machines had to be ran to keep them from freezing up and the cost of all this was laid on the project.

“President Barack Obama is expected to make a decision in coming months on the (Keystone) pipeline that has been pending for seven years. The White House declined to comment on Clinton's position on Keystone.”  7 years?  Seriously? We have an administration that can’t make a call of something as big as this for 7 years?

The man can make a call on everything from sports to people being beaten by cops in seconds. What’s the problem?

President Obama continues to rip apart tradition in this country, alienating the masses to placate the few. Ask almost anyone and they will tell you the same thing. Everything from smooching up to communist Cuba, to inviting the Pope here is his pleasure. Throw in recommending we appoint an openly gay civilian to running our Army and you have an astounding Presidency that openly pushes the lunatic fringe ahead of they typical voter. 

I am old enough to remember the hesitancy of this country to elect JFK because he was Catholic. If you are a student of history, you will understand why and I’m not going to try to educate anyone here on this. That’s what Google is for. By the way, can I end a sentence with “for” and get away with it?

How is it some of our educators cannot see how bizarre this Democratic Party has become? When according to the latest Gallup Pole, only3.8% of the US population is gay, transgender, etc. How is it that an openly gay man is the most qualified person to lead an Army that 10 years ago he had to be undercover to even be in? God help us if Obama wants him to lead the Marine Corps.

Am I against gay people? No. That’s not even the point. The point is the current administration is going to great lengths to placate the few in spite of what the majority thinks or wants. The majority is not even considered in most cases. It’s almost as if the man checks to see what is open for radical change and heads straight for it.

There is open season on Christians. Muslims, anti-police groups, fringe elements and almost everyone else are hugged with giddy abandon by this administration.  Take the kid who simply disassembled a clock and put it in a suitcase as an example. Only morons, imbeciles, and idiots wouldn’t think this looked like a bomb, but yet he gets an invitation to the White House immediately and is hailed as a “Science” guy.  Never mind that he also happens to be a Muslim and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wants to buddy up with him.

“Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great. — President Obama (@POTUS) September 16, 2015”

Imagine this boy bringing this “clock” into the White House prior to this incident.  He would have been slammed down on the floor immediately and the bomb squad called in.  In the news release there would be no mention of his religion, unless he was Apostolic. Then he would have been thrown in with that other “wacko” Kim Davis.

On another note, if my birth certificate was in question, I would simply publish it instead of letting folks guess – wouldn’t you? Geeze, I’m just a guy here in Baytown; not the President of the United States, but like Hillary and her email server, Obama would rather keep people guessing. Why? Because he can get away with it. You try something like that and you’ll be held in contempt and jailed.

The only thing this President has done that I agreed with was calling Kanye West an idiot when he jumped on stage to announce Beyonce should have beat Taylor Swift. The truth is he should have kept his mouth shut, as that was simply not Presidential. Our President is supposed to represent the bulk of this country. He is not a king or a demigod. He simply does not represent me as a voter. His only claim to fame is he presents himself well and that doesn’t stack up to a whole lot. Look at Joe Biden’s smile as an example of a hollow gesture. If I met Joe at a car dealership, I would run.

No, I don’t understand how any educated person can see that this is the direction our country needs to go or has gone so far. Health insurance premiums and prescription drug costs are through the roof. I want someone in the big house who can make these costs realistic. I want to see racial tension ease and our police forces returned to a place of respect. I want to feel like there is a future in this country and that is the person I will vote for.


Anonymous said...

Allyce Lankford: I too don't understand how any educated person can't see that the direction our country has taken has not been good for most all Americans! Our insurance premiums and prescription drug costs are through the roof as well and that's with my husbands job paying a portion of this!! I also agree that we need someone who truly wants to ease racial tension in this country. As for our police, I'd never have dreamed in my lifetime that there would be such disrespect for them. There's just too many hot point issues to hit on here but your column today is right on on so many levels!!! Thanks for a great read!

Anonymous said...

Melvin Roark: I agree with all of your comments and some you didn't even

Anonymous said...

Dandy Don Cunningham

Bert, thank you so much for another awesome column this morning in The Baytown Sun. I agree 100%. We have a little over a year to research, pray, seek God's leadership, and examine ourselves in regard to the future of this country. It's not just for right now, or for the next four years. It's about the future for our children, grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren. Are we satisfied to pass our current way of life, our morality, and our economy down to them and let them deal with it? We can be an instrument of change in this next 2016 election. Please seek God about what you need to do when you vote. He knows the future and He knows the needs of this great country. He is waiting on the United States of America to return to where our founding fathers were when this country was born. It's not too late.

Anonymous said...

James Connealy: While I usually agree with most of what you say, I do take issue with your insinuation that you would vote for a Democrat. I used to share that rationale, but after witnessing what the Dems did when they were in total control of the House, Senate and Oval Office and what they still support unapologetically today, I told myself: Self, you are never voting for a Democrat again because the very worst Republican is way better than the best Democrat. This administration is to thank for my contemptuous felling.

Admin note: I was citing issues, not candidates.

Anonymous said...

BJ: really enjoyed your column today. You were spot on as usual.

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed article Bert.....Debi

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