Friday, November 10, 2017

Can't we all just get along?

BB's hyperbolic take: It appears the answer to all this hormone-driven male sex drive business is for the government to develop some sort of vaccine to involuntarily inoculate all heterosexual males entering puberty. This is the only way to ultimately protect females and limit males from possibly becoming predatory and actually desiring a female and the almost certainty that they will physically act upon it.
Better safe than sorry, is what I say. We simply must stop males from acting on their hormonal urges. There is no other way to ensure females from unwanted sexual inclinations real or imagined. That 16 year old female on her first date will be guaranteed her virtue will remain intact - if she has a first date and can find a willing heterosexually inoculated male willing to go with her.

In the event that a female (over the age of 18) actually desires the physical attention of a male, the willing male may choose at that time to have the vaccine temporarily reversed ( 6 hour limit for safety). In the event that the male is not willing to take the injection, the willing female will be allowed the option to have a court order issued to reverse the treatment to "wake up" the male from sexual slumber.

Think of a world where no heterosexual male ever acts in a sexually unwanted and distasteful manner (or even notices a female) and it would free females up from spending hours in their bathrooms primping to attract said males. There would be no need to wear perfume, get their hair "did" or buy an extensive wardrobe. An old pair of jeans and a cotton T-shirt would level the playing field quite nicely. Throw in that single pair of filthy Nike's and the wardrobe would be complete. To shave or not shave would have the same decision-making option as most males.

Equality of the sexes demands we erase sexual attraction. Flirting would be totally erased, buying females that special measure of comfort they so desire. Heterosexual males would show females the same amount of attention they show other males, cutting down on banter and awkward and uncomfortable verbal exchanges. Males could focus more time on things that matter to them, like not doing chores, observing more time for sports, hunting, fishing, and lounging.

Instead of developing years on how to sexually reward males, young females could devote their whole lives to the workforce, working as much overtime as possible, and supplying their personal wants and needs. Just think of how much "stuff" one person could accumulate if all you had to worry about was yourself? The list is endless. Without selfish males, females would not be encumbered with childbirth to hinder their upward and safe mobility. Being no longer testosterone driven, docile males wouldn't give a flip who was their boss as long as they get their downtime for *sports programming and personal leisure.

Other than cardio, there would be no reason to try and look fit. Baggy clothing will be the norm, as everyone knows it is more comfortable. Some vocations would be erased, such as the male-driven prostitute and  porn industry, along with high-fashion and cosmetics. Why bother with all this when no one cares?
I imagine as testosterone finally ebbs to the point that males are no longer the raging sexual problem they are now, crime will almost come to a halt. Lawyers and police officers will be predominantly female as males will simply be entertainment oriented and easy going. They will seek out non-sexual companion males, as females will be viewed as demanding and goal oriented. All in all it surely is a viable option and needs further study.
*Note: Athletes and selected Breeders will be given an inoculation waiver.


Anonymous said...

Tracie Mullens: This would make a good sci-fi movie!

Lynnette Elder: You just can't fix stupid. What vaccine are they developing for all these violent rioters? Not all of them are male.

Susan Bulgier McGuyer: Aw, I kind of liked flirting. Lucky me, the males I came in contact all accepted my "Nos as nos". Guess I won't be on TV". I did quit a job once because of unwanted attention, but it was my choice to quit. He never forced himself on me....just wrote some love letters and kept asking me to go out. I could have got him in trouble, but chose not to.

Stephanie Garcia: Wow Bert.

Tammie Harvey-Jones: You should make that where we can share it..

Michael Stephens: They already have the shot available when I was a teacher for the mentally handicapped I read people's files and half had been giving such a injection

Anonymous said...

Deb Hearn:

Anonymous said...

Natalie King Whatley: Well done, my friend! Harkens my mind to Orwell's 1984... it's a SAD SAD place things are going.... my only hope is that in reality this mindset is the minority the media shines the spotlight on making us think it's the majority. Where would we all be without REAL MEN & REAL WOMEN... the masculine and feminine working in tandem??? Ugh...

Brian E. Seeger: That was very salient and entertaining, but puts me in mind of another writer from Ireland. Were you channeling him or have you turned into Jonathon Swift?

Anonymous said...

Loved your Blog piece! Utterly amazing at the timeliness! Your clairvoyance is astounding. Just got done watching a news/opinion segment and discovered what rotten bastards we really are. Some female expert named Coleen Clemens has determined a major problem with todays world is TOXIC MASCULINITY! Let me be the first to congratulate you on a cure for this f#cking disease. I always knew that was something seriously wrong with me, just never knew I suffered from Toxic Masculinity until today. But if you don’t mind, I’ll pass on the shots and remain toxic.Laughing out loud Regards, John

Anonymous said...

Barbora Martin Cole: Just read your article. Thank you and your son for your service.

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