Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Bald Eagles in Baytown updater!

According to the Baytown Photo Club member Steve Green, this is the latest update on the presense of American bald eagles on Tri-City beach road in Baytown:

"A fellow member and I were at the Eagle Nest this evening and both parents flew up and one posed for us , the other lit behind the nest.

Their chick was last seen by them 5-7 days ago. He was not visible in the nest today. My friend knew that this nest was ahead of the pair on Normandy but it seemed early for it (chick) to have left totally.

Usually just before the chick takes flight it must lose a lot of fat and weight and the parents will quit feeding it instead getting it hungry for a hunt.

There are still opportunity for good shots there as the season changes. No matter in a hand full of weeks they will all leave until next year. The full grown chick will look elsewhere for a mate for years until maturity.

All looks normal and 40% of chicks make it according to the sight above".

*photo taken of Baytown bald eagle by Chris N., a local resident and member of the Baytown Photo Club.

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Jeanine said...

I saw the juvenile sitting in the nest on 04-16-2011 and on 04-17-2011 I saw the parents.

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