Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Goose Creek Cookers World Champion Ribs!

Charlie Tallant and his world class BBQ experts blew the competion away this year at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Cook-Off!  Now, I have personally consumed quite a good amount of these delicious Baytown (Goose Creek) ribs and brisket and was personally served by Charlie.  You see, he's family, being the older brother of my own brother-in-law, Ray Tallant, or Raybuck, as we know him.
The secret to their success is the many folks behind the scene and at the fire, working the daylights out of those ribs.  Charlie, being the consummate steady presence, along with his beautiful wife, Anna Kay have did Baytown and Goose Creek real proud this year!  Hooray for the Goose Creek Cookers and as my dad was fond of saying "You did good, Bubba"!  Y'all make Baytown proud and a better place to be because you all are here.

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