Monday, March 14, 2011

Local Artist Jim McDonnell selling prints!

Jimmy McDonnell is a long time friend and a member of the Baytown Art League.  I own 2 of his original drawings and they are amazing in detail and he is truly a gifted artist.  He is also very active in Toys for Tots and a great humble guy.  Both he and his wonderful wife are true assets to Baytown.  The originals are highly detailed pencil drawings.  Please support him by buying one of these limited prints.  BB

OK everybody. I now have quality prints of some of my work for sale. These will be limited to 50 copies and they will be signed and numbered.

They will be delivered to your door for $35 each in a cardboard tube mailer. If you want something matted, contact me for prices. The prints are of the Great Wall of China completed in 2006, the village... scene in Malta completed in 2010, and the Civil War locomotive completed in 2010.

If interested, I can send a digital of the art work. When I make back my initial investment, i will have additional pictures printed up if there is enough interest. If you want all three prints, price delivered to you is $95. Checks/ USPS Money Orders, or Paypal Gift. Of Course, I also accept silver bullion.

I am hoping this venture will help me get better established doing artwork and get more exposure. Appreciate everyone's support.   Jim McDonnel "Blue Angel"

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Jim said...

Thanks for posting this up Bert. You are the best thing to happen to Baytown in a very long time.


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